Week 38


1 Seven News Seven 1.284 2 Australia's Funniest Home Video Show Nine 1.144 3 TEN's AFL Finals 2008: Hawthorn v St Kilda TEN 1.134 4 Rugby League Final Series SF2 Nine 1.043 5 Nine News Nine 1.005

Bored rigid by lack of competition, it’s Seven
Week 38 Top 100
Pay TV Top 100
ASTRA Week 38


1 Seven News Seven 1.284
2 Australia’s Funniest Home Videos Nine 1.144
3 TEN’s AFL Finals: Hawthorn v St Kilda TEN 1.134
4 Rugby League Final Series SF2 Nine 1.043
5 Nine News Nine 1.005
6 ABC News ABC1 0.889m
7 The Bill ABC 0.724m
8 Movie: One Fine Day Seven 0.695m
9 Wild At Heart ABC 0.687m
10 Gardening Australia ABC 0.626m
Mythbusters SBS 0.368m
Iron Chef SBS 0.262m
Rockwiz SBS 0.186m

Nine: 30.8
TEN: 25.5
Seven: 20.1
ABC: 18.0
SBS: 5.6


1. Seven News Seven 1.411
2. Seven’s AFL: Geelong v W. Bulldogs Seven 1.181
3. Two And A Half Men Nine 1.098
4. Nine News Nine 1.097
5. A Current Affair Nine 1.051
6. Better Homes And Gardens Seven 1.030
7. Today Tonight Seven 1.021
8. ABC News ABC 0.988
9. Wire In The Blood ABC 0.926m
10. Rugby League Final Series SF1 Nine 0.923m
Taken Out TEN 0.465m
Fringe (Rpt) Nine 0.337m

Seven: 34.1
Nine: 29.0
ABC: 17.6
TEN: 14.5
SBS: 4.8


1. Seven News Seven 1.425
2. Today Tonight Seven 1.303
3. Home and Away Seven 1.219
4. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.151
5. ABC News ABC 1.149
6. National Nine News Nine 1.149
7. Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader ? TEN 1.111
8. A Current Affair Nine 1.086
9. Law and Order: Criminal Intent TEN 1.048
10. Getaway Nine 1.045
11. The Strip Nine 1.038
12. The 7:30 Report ABC 0.996
13. Ghost Whisperer Seven 0.975
14. Make Me A Supermodel Seven 0.940
15. Catalyst ABC 0.938
The Footy Show 0.919m
Law and Order: SVU 0.845m
Deal or No Deal 0.744m
Ghost Whisperer – Late 0.632m
Friends 0.596m
Taken Out 0.567m
Antiques 0.501m

Nine: 28.2
Seven: 26.4
TEN: 22.2
ABC: 19.2
SBS: 4.1


1. Seven News Seven 1.443
2. Medical Emergency Seven 1.426
3. Two and a Half Men – 7:30pm Nine 1.375
4. Crash Investigation Unit Seven 1.287
5. Today Tonight Seven 1.286
6. Criminal Minds – 8:30pm Seven 1.258
7. Spicks and Specks ABC 1.256
8. Home and Away Seven 1.187
9. National Nine News Nine 1.178
10. Two and a Half Men – 7:00pm Nine 1.122
11. ABC News ABC 1.115
12. A Current Affair Nine 1.101
13. Hole in the Wall Nine 1.040
14. Kenny’s World Ten 1.000
So You Think You Can Dance 0.968m
Fringe 0.935m
Deal or No Deal 0.761m
Bondi Rescue: Bali 0.737m
Friends 0.717m
Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares 0.567m
Taken Out 0.545m
Antiques 0.473m

Seven: 29.3
Nine: 25.5
Ten: 21.0
ABC: 20.2
SBS: 4.1


1. Packed To The Rafters Seven 1.895
2. Find My Family Seven 1.815
3. RSPCA Animal Rescue Seven 1.813
4. Seven News Seven 1.582
5. Today Tonight Seven 1.441
6. Home And Away Seven 1.376
7. NCIS TEN 1.266
8. ABC News ABC 1.246
9. Two And A Half Men -Rpt Nine 1.221
10. Nine News Nine 1.219
11. All Saints Seven 1.212
12. Wipeout Nine 1.170
13. A Current Affair Nine 1.131
14. Two And A Half Men Ep1 Nine 1.052m
15. Two And A Half Men Ep2 Nine 1.017m
16. Rush TEN 1.014
17. 7.30 Report ABC 1.000
18. The Simpsons –Rpt TEN 0.912m
19. Two In The Top End ABC 0.887m
20. The All New Simpsons TEN 0.855m
Deal or No Deal 0.837m
Friends 0.694m
Secret Diary of a Call Girl 0.509m
Taken Out 0.507m
Antiques Roadshow 0.496m
Underbelly 0.429m
Paralympics highlights ABC1 0.331m

Seven: 34.1
Nine: 24.9
TEN: 20.9
ABC: 16.0
SBS: 4.1


1. City Homicide Seven 1.854
2. Border Security Seven 1.813
3. The Force Seven 1.730
4. Seven News Seven 1.568
5. Today Tonight Seven 1.366
6. A Current Affair Nine 1.329
7. Bones Seven 1.317
8. Home And Away Seven 1.294
9. National Nine News Nine 1.267
10. Two And A Half Men Nine 1.242
11. ABC News ABC 1.167
12. Australian Idol TEN 1.009
13. TEN News At Five TEN 0.943m
14. Life Of Mammals With David Attenborough Nine 0.926m
15. Australian Story ABC 0.915m
16. Top Gear SBS 0.909m
17. Enough Rope With Andrew Denton ABC 0.902m
18. Neighbours TEN 0.880m
19. Deal Or No Deal Seven 0.842m
20. Four Corners ABC 0.821m
90210 0.816m
Friends 0.741m
Something’s Gotta Give 0.733m
Boston Legal 0.648m
Taken Out 0.590m
Burn Notice 0.539m
Antiques Roadshow 0.510m
30 Rock 0.292m

Seven: 34.6
Nine: 22.4
ABC: 18.2
TEN: 16.8
SBS: 8.0


1 60 Minutes Nine 1.713
2 Nine News Sunday Nine 1.638
3 Seven News – Sun Seven 1.490
4 Fringe Sneak Peek Nine 1.416
5 Battlefronts Nine 1.286
6 Midsomer Murders ABC 1.233
7 Australian Idol TEN 1.224
8 The Outdoor Room w. Jamie Durie Seven 1.187
9 Doctor Who ABC 1.169
10 Dancing With The Stars Seven 1.167
11 Thank God You’re Here TEN 1.136
12 ABC News ABC 1.113
13 Outback Wildlife Rescue Seven 1.057
14 ABC News Update ABC 1.032
15 Doctor Who: Confidential Cutdown ABC 0.941
16 TEN News At Five TEN 0.873m
17 Rugby League Final QF4 Nine 0.826m
18 Rove TEN 0.825m
19 CSI: Miami Nine 0.776m
20 Private Practice Seven 0.722m
Underbelly -Ep2 Nine 0.594m (Melb)
Underbelly -Ep1 Nine 0.575m (Melb)
Dexter TEN 0.516m
Paralympic Games Beijing 2008 Highlights Day 8 ABC 0.448m
James May’s 20th Century SBS 0.374m

Nine: 29.8
TEN: 22.8
Seven: 22.5
ABC: 19.6
SBS: 5.3

133 Responses

  1. I think one of the tings eroding viewer numbers for some shows is the fact people know or expect them to come out on DVD within a year, would Underbelly have got those numbers if viewer knew the day after the final the DVD would go on sale?

    David since other ask I thought I would too. V8Supercars, how are they doing in the ratings?

  2. I know this response is well overdue but here goes anyway:

    RichoTB I agree with you, some factual series’ such as those you mentioned are worthwhile. However, there’s a limit is there not to how many factuals people can tolerate at the one time?! Don’t get me wrong Seanie, as I don’t have a problem with factuals as I do like a good factual series such as Getaway, however I don’t like being continually bombared with them by the networks, nor do I like factuals that harm people, a race or a country’s reputation, which Boarder Security sets out to do in my opinion, cashing in on cultural misunderstandings, whilst sensationalising the facts and in turn blowing them out of proportion! – Jerome I don’t deny for one second that factuals especially Boarder Security are successful, however this is why I think it is a terrible shame millions of Australians choose to watch Boarder Security over an intelligent David Attenborough series, of which causes now harm whatsoever to anyone or anything! I think though it is nice meanwhile to have programs such as Wipeout and Hole In The Wall which people can laugh at rather than continually view serious factuals.

    Seanie I never once said Fringe or The Mentalist could win Nine the year, and yes Jak and Jerome Nine pulling off this years ratings year is doable. Seanie you said: “They [Nine] have holes all over their schedule”, well if Nine fill the holes in their schedule with shows such as The Mentalist and RPA etc… then that is thus why Nine pulling off this years ratings year is doable. There is 10 more ratings weeks left of this year (Correct me if I’m wrong) and Seven has a 9 week lead (4 of them thanks to the Olympics), so if Nine start winning from now or about now then I can’t see why them pulling off this year isn’t doable. Jak you wrote when talking about Packed To The Rafters “most other series don’t sustain the apeal for as long as it has already” well as has already been discussed it’s still early days for Packed To The Rafters, only 4 episodes into their 22 episodes of the first season, but just to put it out there Underbelly’s entire 13 Episodes of the first series maintained its appeal for the entire duration of the series.

    – Spunkymonkeycaesar

  3. Here in QLD my TV Week still has paycheck for Friday night, but I now notice it’s also listed for tonight. I guess they only decided on the ENCORE of Fringe after it was printed.

    Personally I doubt it will help much as I can’t remember seeing any advertising for it. Did they promote the encore much?

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