Returning: Download

It was promised months ago, but TEN will screen the re-titled Download next month.

After it was promised to follow Big Brother, TEN has now scheduled Download (formerly Friday Night Download).

The clip show starring Mike Goldman, Bree Amer and Ryan Fitzgerald will return 7:30pm Friday October 17.

The second season of the show again showcases internet clips with commentary by the three former Big Brother presenters.

These episodes were filmed some time ago. Singer Jade McCrae guest stars in the first episode.

Press Release:
It’s weird, it’s wired and it’s back for 2008!

Hosts Mike Goldman, Ryan Fitzgerald and Bree Amer deliver the funniest material found on the web, direct to your TV screens. Expect stupid jokes, hilarious bungles, pranks, smacks, kicks, falls, mash-ups, explosions, dummy spits, if it’s caught on camera, then chances are it’s turned up in our inbox.

Season two brings back your favourites bits from season one as well as a bunch of new and crazy segments to tickle your funny bone. These include ‘Celebrity Inbox’ – celebrities join the panel to show their favourite clips, ‘Bree’s News’, NCIS [National Clip Investigation Service], and ‘Download Upload’ a viewer generated clip competition.

This week pop star Jade McCrae joins the team.

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  1. I like the idea but they’re kinda hamstrung in what they can show – some of the best YouTube videos are parodies which use the original source material, they are fair use but they may cause problems for a TV network, also a lot of the good ones have very blue humour which is not suitable for 7.30pm viewing!

  2. As FTA TV is happy to screen almost any ill-conceived, unoriginal tripe these days, I’ve got an idea for a new TV show….it will be reality TV at its best.. it’s called “Find My Odd Sock” about all the items of clothing that go missing in the wash. Tune in each week for what feels like a decade as it will be sure to thump other generic crap like this. That’s “Find My Odd Sock”, weak nights on every channel, in between all the ads.

  3. David, your point here “These episodes were filmed some time ago.” sums it up.

    Another clip show or 20 to 1 list…no thanks.

    The world today relies on current events, hence why shows like Good news week work.

    watching download is almost as foolish as watching a 3 year old “At the movies”
    Current movie reviews works, old movie review no (imagine doing movie review show now on Rocky 2 or Rambo 3.
    Current video,youtube clips might work, old stuff on thanks.

  4. to be honest i liked this show
    why would i watch it?
    because i’d rather be watching tv show youtube videos than wasting my downloads which i need for game patches or por-….. i mean delicious waffle recipes that are in flash format

  5. Tai, I remember hearing it was going to end up on Saturdays too somewhere, but obviously agonist Funniest Home Videos wouldn’t have made much sense IMO – the shows are too much alike.

    Probarly best Ten gives up on Saturdays, as nothing seems to work for them there other than movies.

    At least we won’t be subject to another hour of American re-runs at 7:30 Fridays when Top Model ends!

  6. Oh dear.. This show was horrible. I saw the first episode and was immediately turned off. I hope they can do something better with it this year because it IS a good idea for a show, it just wasn’t executed well.

  7. tai: wth? i heard somewhere that they were putting ‘download’ at 6:30 Saturdays against funniest home videos?

    If they do that, I am sure that Ten would probably come 3rd in that timeslot.

  8. Glenn, because a) its free and b) They do the work of finding the good videos.

    Look at sites like Digg. Its like saying ‘Why would I visit Digg if I can find the sites myself’.

    Its a good show (not great, just good).

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