Returning: Heroes, Prison Break

Seven returns Heroes with a two hour season premiere, followed by Prison Break from October 9.

As expected Seven has slated its two new seasons of Heroes and Prison Break on Thursday nights in October.

The dramas will air back to back on from Thursday October 9th with a two hour Heroes premiere at 8:30pm followed by Prison Break at 10:30pm.

In the US Heroes launched with a two hour season premiere “Villains / Fugitives” earlier this week.

Prison Break returned with a two hour season premiere on September 1. Five episodes have now aired.

But Seven will only return it with a one hour episode, with new Scrubs episodes to follow at 11:30pm.

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  1. Well, i personally do like PrisonBreak out of both heroes and prisonbreak. The idea of Heroes being a two our episode is good, but why not make PB one aswell. I dont see how it can be fast tracked. but i hope PB doesnt fail, its a good show to watch, and its interesting if you watched from the first episode they aired in Season 1.

  2. As good as the third season is so far, i doubt they could get 1.2-1.3 million for i. Fast-tracking it from the 24th-25th September would maybe get closer to that figure, but not starting from next week. I have read many forums where people are not willing to watch it on 7 due to prior mistreatment, as with prison break. I think they’ll be lucky with 1m.

  3. with such week opposition in The Strip and L&O:CI, Heroes could do great numbers, if only there were some far better promotions for it!
    Those Seven-created ad’s stink, and im not too sure why Seven didnt just grab the original NBC ad and use that (it was far more interesting)
    Heroes can easily step up to the plate and deliever a good 1.2-1.3 Million for Seven and help it win the night

    I doubt PB will be on at 9.30 – I’d look to Knight Rider getting that slot (though with it’s weak US premiere, I’d say it has more of a chance on a Friday/Sat than anything)

  4. I agree Spunkymonkeycaesar, i hope that viewers who watch prison break and heroes don’t get screwed over by 7, but i also hope that 7 (9 and 10) has a reality check by less viewers for their shows so that they will get shows here faster (within the week), and stop running shows late. I guess you can’t have one with the other. Ali, prison break season 4 is def worth getting back into. The producers aren’t expecting it to get canceled mid season, but are expecting this to be the last season. They are writing a conclusion to the series for the mid season final in case it gets canceled mid season.

  5. Glad these are returning. Hopefully people watch them so they don’t get shunted to crap timeslots.

    Does anyone know, after the first week, whether Heroes will stay at 8.30, and Prison Break will be at 9.30, or will Heroes start at 9.30 and PB at 10.30?

  6. we can be heroes for just one day and then the next day
    it would be shafted and made way for Knight Rider which honestly I prefer the original just like Bionic Woman.
    Original is so much better

  7. Whilst I hope Prison Break rates well as it’s a great show, I hope for Seven’s sake it fails, because as far as I’m concerned airing a program almost 3 weeks after it’s premiere in the US is NOT ‘Fasttracking’!

  8. I love how they are advertising that Heroes is being “Fast Tracked”! It aired earlier this week in the US and won’t be in Australia till at least fortnight later!

    Oh well, at least they are trying!

  9. whoo hoo, great that it’ll be back on a thursday, good telly night – but scrubs, such talent at one time, but why always the terrible timeslot for this and other great comedy’s (30 rock anyone?).
    so i also take it that stargate is a long way off before coming back to our screens then?

  10. I haven’t watched the new heroes yet.. im unsure what to do.. I’ll be out of the country for 3 weeks from the 10th. So should i just download the first 3 or so eps, or tape. IQ is really bad with series links lately, and on HD.. forget it…

    New season of Prison Break is getting better. It’s a huge departure, they’re all now, A team of special forces / spies or something, but it’s quite good, took a couple episodes to settle and find its legs. Its more a spin off show now. Still worth watching.

  11. Those who are concerned about the quality of Heroes need not fear. The 3rd season’s double ep premiere is fantastic and is back to the original quality the show had in season 1. A lot more action, more twists, more thrills, and more excitement. I’m not too sure if it will rate too well for Seven, this is one of those shows that is more popular with downloaders than TV watchers. I’m predicting figures of around 600,000-900,000 for the season premiere, with it getting the shaft to 9:30pm after Knight Rider premieres in a few weeks.

  12. Wow, that’s great news. I was afraid Heroes would be pushed to 9.30 after Knight Rider which would probably have killed it similarly to the Bionic Woman debacle last year.

    Then again 7 are probably waiting to see how Heroes rates at 8.30 first, and how the Knight Rider movie go before deciding whether Heroes will move to 9.30 and whether Knight Rider is strong enough for 8.30.

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