Returning: NCIS

Good news for fans of NCIS.

TEN will fasttrack the sixth series at the end of September.

It’s back on Tuesday September 30 at 8:30pm, which is no doubt good news for Rush too.

The final episode of the fifth series air this week, leaving TEN with a repeat on September 23rd, in the interim. This season new NCIS Director Leon Vance (played by Rocky Carroll) becomes a regular character and Gibbs’ new team members are introduced; NCIS Agents Michelle Lee from Legal, Daniel Keating from Cybercrime and Special Agent Brent Langer from the FBI.

The series returns with “Last Man Standing” with the murder of a petty officer. Gibbs finds out why his team don’t want to be on the case.

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  1. Ah I see where you’re coming from there Sephiroth. Yeah thats true, even the new Asian guy on Prison Break’s new season is a “nerd”, so to speak. And the only Asians on Desperate Housewives are cleaners as well, although I heard somewhere an Asian one will enter next season and become a prominent recurring character. But every once in a while there’s a breakout Asian actor/actress in a role that breaks free from the stereotypes. Some examples are one of the cops on The Mentalist and Jin/Sun from LOST, although as you said those roles are few and far between.

  2. RichoTB, I’m all for seeing more Asian actors on TV but what I’m not for is constantly seeing them stereotyped. Here’s how it works. An Asian woman is considered sexy and alluring and the majority of the time, is paired up with a white guy. Asian men are always depicted as nerds. If you’ve ever seen Asian cinema, you’ll know how many great actors there are out there. But the way they’re depicted in American shows is just stupid.

  3. I like the fact that Agent Lee is there. Its extremely rare to see an Asian actress in a prominent, recurring role like this. Some shows like LOST, Cashmere Mafia and Heroes are exceptions, but overall there’s a severe lack of Asian actors/actresses in predominantly anglosaxon series. Its not like her role was very big either, all she did was make out with Palmer a few times. She’s only there for a limited time anyway, as Gibbs’ old team will most likely be back in a couple of episodes as I don’t see NCIS pulling a “House”

  4. I can’t express how happy I am that it’s going to be shown! When it said “final” in the TV program, I was afraid 10 wouldn’t show it. I don’t know they bother putting “final” in there if it’s just going to come back pretty much straight away.

    But why the hell is Michelle Lee back? I was soooo happy when she suddenly disappeared a while back. I don’t exactly like Director Shepard but I’d rather stomach her than Lee! Her scenes with Palmer were the most idiotic things I’ve ever seen! I hope she’s not in it for too long. Her role was absolutely poinless and irritating.

    I don’t think the cast needs anyone new (although I know Rocky Carroll is taking over for Lauren Holly) but if they were to add someone extra, I’d love to see Nikki Jardine return. I really liked her.

  5. It won’t matter as we have our non ratings period for about the same time over xMas as the US, give or take a few weeks. NCIS should air in the US until late November and be back about 2 months later.

  6. are they going to air half of season 6 this year then the other half next year? cause i know ten won’t air new ncis eps when theres the non rating period.

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