Returning: Out of the Question

Good to see Glenn Robbins is getting a second shot at his light entertainment format, in a sensible timeslot.

Out of the Question was too relaxed to fire in its original 8:30pm timeslot earlier this year. Together with some less-than-slick presentation it seemed like the show had been rushed to air too soon. But Robbins is still a likable performer and in its new 10:30pm timeslot (the same time TV Tonight suggested back in February) it has half a shot at finding a loyal audience.

The show returns on Monday September 29 directly before Boston Legal at 11pm.

GLENN ROBBINS returns as host of the ‘quiz-opicality’ show, Out Of The Question – part quiz, part chat and all topical. Glenn is joined by three celebrity players to explore what’s happening in the world via their unique perspective. No subject is off limits.


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  1. Just switched on to watch Boston Legal, and I get this crap.

    A useless and half ass tv show. A pathetic attempt at a cross between Rove, Good News Week and an expired glass of milk

  2. this show was a nothing show. Glenn is brilliant though, they should have given him something better or if he developed it he should have done better. The real question is why are they funding this again?

  3. I found out Boston Legal’s final ep of season 4 is Oct 6, so I guess it won’t be stuffed by the timeslot change for all that long. Unless Seven fast-tracks season 5, but I don’t see that happening, they’ll probably use that slot for Prison Break or something

  4. It wasn’t too bad the first time around, but im still unhappy about how it helped drag down Lost (in no part the show’s fault,more the result of Seven’s poor programming choice)

    Right after bones, is that the best move? Why not after say All Saints or Criminal Minds on Wed? Boston Legal (as meantioned by RichoTB) does very well at 10.30, so why would Seven mess with the winning formula….ah well, Glenn Robbins is a funny man, and it’s good to see him get another go (be even better to see him on new ep’s of Kath & Kim)

  5. I’m pretty sure Boston Legal consistently wins its timeslot. And now they’re kicking it in the crotch with this mess. Oh well, at least its on at a late shift where it belongs, and not a primetime slot

  6. So dumb. This show doesnt deserve another go, it bombed the first time and helped kill off Lost. I hope it doesnt do the same to Boston Legal though I think it will.

  7. I didn’t mind it myself & found it lightly amusing..kind of like The Panel-lite. I think keeping Glenn happy might be one of the reasons for bringing it back.

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