Returning: Private Practice

The Grey's Anatomy spin-off is back to Sunday nights following Dancing with the Stars.

Seven is returning Private Practice to screens from Sunday September 14. It airs at 9:30pm following Dancing with the Stars.

“”In Which Charlotte Goes Down the Rabbit Hole” is the sixth episode of the first series, which aired in the US in October.

Three other eps have since aired.

A second series begins in the US on October 1st.

In the series return of PRIVATE PRACTICE Addison has settled into her new job, her new apartment and her new life that she hopes brings sunnier possibilities. Charlotte seeks Pete’s help in treating her insomnia. Naomi goes on her first date since college and Cooper suspects that his patient’s injuries aren’t an accident. Guest starring VALERIE MAHAFFEY. Also starring KATE WALSH, AUDRA MCDONALD, TIMOTHY DALY, AMY BRENNEMAN, TAYE DIGGS, PAUL ADELSTEIN, KADEE STRICKLAND, CHRIS LOWELL, COREY REYNOLDS, KIMBERLY ELISE and HOLLISTON COLEMAN.

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  1. Can anyone tell me why the dad had to choose between his daughter and his two year old son. What was wrong with the daughter that if went into her room he would die too yet other people went into the room and wernt affected.. I only caught the ending and didnt see most of the show.


  2. Why did this only come back on for one week. How can you get to enjoy a show when it keeps coming on and off all the time. You no longer get rewarded for being a loyal viewer (what happened to Lost, Prison Break etc etc)

  3. I get what you’re saying richotb, there isn’t room for everything, but they usually have about 10-13 eps til early december non stop, or maybe 1 week without. Then the back 9 or 11 have a few weeks apart to space it out til the may sweeps. I think that some shows tend to attract people who will download it if it gets shabby treatment or delays, but others people probably don’t care about to do that, but watch anyway. That is my only explanation for ghost whisperer and a few others.

  4. It doesn’t really matter about the content of the show or how family-friendly it is, if it doesn’t rate well it will get pulled. Ugly Betty is one of the most “family friendly” shows there are, but that got shafted to 9:30pm and eventually pulled. I doubt we’ll be seeing that show again before summer. LOST is also great family viewing but that got shafted earlier in the year to a 10:30pm timeslot as well. Same with Boston Legal, its just the way it is. Heroes will most likely be placed in the 9:30pm slot for a few weeks but whether it stays there after that will be a big question. They could probably stick it after Ghost Whisperer and it has a possibility of doing 600,000-900,000 viewers a week, but a LOT of viewers like me will just end up downloading it after Seven’s poor treatment of the show last year. As for DH, Grey’s, etc. Seven can’t be expected to air every series of every show. Its smarter to save some series for next year. If they were to start airing them that’d only be for about 6 weeks anyway before it gets put on hiatus for the summer.

  5. I have watched all of the episodes of Private Practice that have aired in Australia so far and I do have to admit that it is a bit underwhelming. After seeing the two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy that were a lead-in to Private Practice, I enjoyed them so much and couldn’t wait to see it. But it is pretty disappointing so far.

    Then again, I wasn’t exactly impressed with Grey’s Anatomy at first. I will continue to watch Private Practice. It could very well get a lot better.

  6. I’d rather DH wasn’t fast tracked anyway. It was great that we saw the fourth season virtually uninterupted, when it was actually interupted in the US. Same goes for Greys & B&S. When they rate well enough, like seanie said, there’s no need. It makes me wonder why ten fast tracks House, when it is their top rating import. I would have thought it better to wait until the new ratings year with a full sesason of episodes.

  7. If Seven hold off showing DH it will piss off a lot a fans who want to see Wisteria lane 5 years later!

    As for Heroes and PB well after the Sunrise interview and the guys talking about the show bring family friendly sticking it at 10:30 would be an insult!

    And PB will be at least a few weeks behind, is that still fasttracking?

  8. Fast-track seems to be the name that stuck, so thats why 10 is probarly using it now.

    They even used it during the first ep of idol for the year – “we’ll be fast-tracking you to the top 12…..”

  9. I doubt we’ll ever see October Road. The series never got written closure anyway so its kind of screwed. Seven will probably hold over its big female-friendly shows like Grey’s, DH and B&S until February. PB and Heroes will probably be aired next month, although in 10:30pm timeslots.

    As for PP, I caught a bit of the first ep and didn’t mind it. It is a smart move to air it after DWTS though, I actually suggested it somewhere a couple of days ago.

  10. william, considering you just took the effort to comment, I think you care a little more than you think.

    Good news and looks like we’ll be getting fast tracked episodes. Off topic but why have 9 and ten suddenly adopted the term “fast-track”. Last year ten were using streamed direct, but I guess that doesnt quite have the same ring to it.

  11. I didn’t mind the first few ep, hey Kate Walsh dancing around naked but it isn’t Greys and quite a forgettable show.

    Any news on Greys on Seven, which returns Sept 25 in the US?

    Or for that matter Desperate Housewives (Sept 28) Heroes (Sept 22) and Prison Break, which is on now?

    I have noticed a lack of promotion for shows ch7 promised at the start of the year to fast track.

    Oh and what every happened to October Road, which had since been canceled in the US?

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