Returning: RPA, Amazing Medical Stories

Scrub back in, Nine's medical Thursday is back next month.

As previously indicated, RPA returns to Channel Nine next month.

The medico series narrated by Max Cullen is back from 9:30pm Thursday October 2nd.

In the first episode a seven and a half month old has a disorder that effects her bile duct and her only hope of survival is a new liver. Also a 41 year-old postman suffers uncontrollable epilepsy since a push bike accident as a child put him in a coma for three months. He turns to RPA for the hope of leading a normal life.

It will be followed by the return of Amazing Medical Stories at 10:30pm.

Press Release:
Sharleigh’s hero…

At just seven-and-a-half-months-old, life has barely begun for Sharleigh but her battle to stay alive is only just beginning.

The little girl from Perth was born with a disorder that affects her bile duct and her only hope of survival is a new liver. Time is running out for a deceased donor liver so, in an amazing medical breakthrough, doctors are turning to her parents for a solution.

In the first instalment of her incredible journey, Sharleigh’s dad is emerging as her saviour.

Brendan’s last hope…

41-year-old postman, Brendan, just wants a normal life but since a push bike accident at the age of 11 left him in a coma for three months, he has suffered uncontrollable epilepsy.

Brendan married Natalie last year and all they want to do is start a family. Now doctors are hoping to turn his life around by removing a part of his brain. It’s a very risky operation and could leave him without speech or a memory.

Tonight the process begins to make sure Brendan is the right candidate for the surgery.

Out of the blue…

It started with an innocent cough but a precautionary x-ray has exposed a silent killer that can stalk its victims for decades before revealing itself. 37-year-old, Serafina, has Mesothelioma – a cancer of the lining of the lung that has often associated with inhaling asbestos particles.

The mother of four has no idea when or where she may have been exposed to asbestos but she does know her only chance of survival is to have one her lungs removed.

Racheal’s close call…

It is just a normal day for 22-year-old Racheal until she steps into the path of a bus that is travelling at 60km per hour and the promising honours student is rushed into RPA Emergency lucky to be alive.

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  1. One of the most amazing young man I have seen on tv. What a beautiful boy/son and my thoughts and prayers are with Daniel’s parents. Such great hope for Daniel. I cried myself to sleep the night after I watched the series.

  2. very touched by Daniel, the 17year old who lost his arm to cancer.
    after watching his sad journey, couldnt believe he had died in feb.
    cried and cried. what a brave young man. a credit to his parents.

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