Returning: Survivor

Channel Nine has backtracked on plans to screen Survivor over summer and will instead air the reality series this month.

It returns 10:30pm Tuesday September 30th.

The 16th season set in Palau is the second time the series has returned to Micronesia. Pitted as a “fans v favourites” series, it sees the return of many popular players including Ozzi, Parvati, James, Ami, Yau-Man, Cirie, Eliza and yes, Jonny Fairplay. They take on long-standing fans of the show who have always wanted to try their hand. They have no idea they are competing against their on-screen idols.

Exile Island also makes a return.

But Nine’s scheduling of the series is belated given it aired in the US from February to May (beware internet spoilers!).

The seventeenth season Survivor: Gabon kicks off in the US on September 25th.


  1. Fans vs. Favorites is the best season yet. By far!
    I know who wins etc, and I have seen the whole series. Even have it on DVD however I will continue too watch it on TV
    I urge nobody too spoil anything.
    It is too this day thee best season of Survivor. If you loved China, you will love Micronesia a hella lot more 🙂
    My sister was in Micronesia, so if you do want information I do have a lot too give 🙂

    [email protected]

    However keep watching guys, and enjoy the season.
    I do hope they air Gabon soon aswell, cos’ it’s in HD 😀 awesomeeeee.

    happy watching fans.
    -Payton. S

  2. FvF was the best series I’ve ever seen of Survivor – so unexpected!! Biggest shocks and twists ever – make sure you watch this Australia. Am saddened to see it will be airing at such a crap timeslot though…


    I don’t care that they’re showing FvF over Gabon (though I think Gabon will be the best season yet). At least they’re bloody showing it. I’ve been waiting since February for this. I’m so damn happy! It’s been hard trying to avoid spoilers, but I’ve managed to this year, so I can’t wait.

    David, do you know if Nine will be showing this season in double episodes, like China?

  4. stevie there is no reason at all to have to watch them in sequence!!
    its not a drama….nothing carries over at the end of the season
    im with everyone else….. show Gabon fast tracked and then FvF over Summer….. FvF is excellent but so the sake of not having to download Gabon i think it should be shown first and in HD

  5. Timmy, ….no not really, I hadn’t started watching Survivor at that time. Just would like to see F v F and can wait for Gabon. The need to see every thing the same time as the US isn’t a necessity for me.

  6. I agree with L, David & Neon. I would NOT download Gabon and wait a few days to watch it in HD without affecting my download limit. I watched FvF ages ago (not saying anything other than IT’S A BLINDER!!!).

  7. Ugh! What is the point of showing it when it’s so old?! This is the same mistake Nine makes time and time again- if they want to capitalise on the hype and success of Survivor, then they need to screen the latest season as close as possible to the American screening, or else what’s the point? It’s a reality show after all.
    I don’t know why I am even the slightest bit surprised. I haven’t understood a single programming choice Nein has made since…well, since before they had the rights to My So-Called Life. Grr.

  8. why the hell can’t nine get this right (and channel seven and ‘the amazing race’) and screen the seasons when they’re fresh? i would’ve thought ‘fast tracking’ was perfect for reality shows, considering how fast they go off the boil due to internet spoilers

  9. Precisely, especially since the new season is the first made in HD, which is a selling point in itself, surely. It starts in the US a few days before Nine starts running FvF. That is just odd – they have a golden opportunity to “fasttrack” the new season and advertise it as “now in HD” – even seasoned downloaders might be tempted by the vastly better picture quality.

    That, and every dedicated Survivor fan I know sourced the FvF season elsewhere back when it aired in the US. It is, though, one of the show’s best seasons ever.

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