RPA on the way

RPA is coming back to Channel Nine.

The medical / observational series will be back in October.

The series is filmed at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and with the co-operation of the NSW Ambulance Service. It is again narrated by the excellent Max Cullen.

The first episode features a young woman who was hit by a bus.


  1. On Channel Nine RPA baby Sharleigh is seriously ill after receiving a liver transplant.

    Please somebody tell me how to find out before the show airs on Thursday if she is all right.

  2. Just fantastic to see my favourate show RPA back on air,we have a down to earth real stories regarding medicial history,( be better @ 8.30pm)
    I have been a patient of RPA 47 yrs. and what this shows does for me is the fact,
    that RPA is an excellent hospital,and fantastic staff, & NSW needs to know what they do at the hospital,as one day they may need so help.
    Beats seeing all the crap we been putting up with this year.

  3. spunkymonkeycaesar

    Brendan I agree with you, Thursday 9.30 would seem like the most logical timeslot for RPA, especially considering the Footy Show is finishing up soon. Not only, I think Thursday 9.30 has been its traditional timeslot. With that said though, it makes me wonder where Nine will place The Waiting Room, I before the hearing of this news thought that that would be the most likely timeslot for it also. I guess we shall just sit back and wait.

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