TEN’s week to smile

Channel TEN is enjoying one of its best weeks in a long time, currently sitting in second position after two nights in Week 39, just 0.8% behind Seven.

That’s thanks largely to the performances of Australian Idol and the Brownlow Medal.

Cyndi Lauper’s appearance on Idol on Sunday night nabbed the station 1.34m viewers, beating both 60 Minutes and shrinking Dancing with the Stars. Last night she returned to sing “Time after Time” to the tune of 1.1m viewers. Next week Darren Hayes is guest judge.

TEN also had the 2008 Brownlow Medal in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth scoring 1.08m viewers, a good figure all things considered. For both nights of the week TEN has finished in second position, with a huge 27.3% last night. TEN’s fortunes were at Seven’s expense on Sunday, and Nine’s on Monday. Cue that line about a healthy opposition again….

6pm’s Taken Out managed a modest increase for its first night of 30 single guys, to 610,000. TEN will be watching nervously at how it travels this week.

But there is more good news in store with the fasttracked season premiere of House on Wednesday night. And with other quiet achievers including Kenny’s World, Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader and Rush, TEN should finish the week with a share far healthier than recent weeks.

After two nights this week the shares are:

Seven: 26.8
TEN: 26.0
Nine: 22.8
ABC: 17.7
SBS: 6.6

Week 39


  1. Looking back on it now Taken Out deserved a better chance.It was one of the few things BB and Jamie Oliver Cooking Shows Aside that was not an American Sitcom done to death many times over.
    I hope they have the sense to do something similar again once Masterchef ends.

  2. I guess i am coming from not having seen the repeats in between the season finale and the new season premiere. But now that you mention that you have watched dozens of repeats in between the seasons, i guess that would make things less clear. But i still stand my statement that i assume they will remind people what happened, usually in the storyline somehow.

  3. Firstly, I realise that House is a serial program. My point is that the order of eps this year has been:
    4 weeks of new eps
    9 weeks of repeats
    1 wk of new ep
    1 wk of 2 rpts
    1 wk of 1 new ep, 1 rpt
    1 wk of 2 new eps
    8 wks of rpts

    Yeah. real consistent serial. The flow of this series is up the creek, as I’m sure the 600,000 people who watched the last repeat will testify. As to a 15 second summary of everything that has happened so far, I’m sure that they’ll do an entire season justice by cramming it into said 15sec summary.

  4. Firstly, house is serial in nature, which generally means it is easy to follow without episodes. Secondly, as i said, (and i haven’t seen the ep yet btw), but i guarantee they will refresh everyone’s memory of what happened. Most seasons have about 4 months apart, and generally speaking, most people can follow on with the new season. I don’t mean to be patronising, but i can manage to catch a storyline months after and so do heaps of others. Sure, i don’t exactly remember every detail of what happened in the last ep, but i will remember the important details after the season premiere, i assure you that.

  5. Benno. Yes, my no context comment was serious. We have had nothing but repeats since the Finale which was way back on 4th of June. Since then we’ve gotten to see Cameron, Foreman and Chase back working for House. Are you seriously trying to tell me that a brand new episode now will work for you three months later?? I can’t even remember the names of House’s new team apart from Number 13!!

  6. Cyndi Lauper made last Sunday’s episode of Australian Idol the best one so far this year. With the boost in ratings, maybe they will get her back every year. I hope that this exposure translates to sales for her. I’ve downloaded her new disc, called BRING YA TO THE BRINK. Must say it is even better than I had hoped.

  7. i really love ten but dont think they will win the week 🙁
    they probably didn’t do well on tuesday because of an ncis repeat, wednesday might do well with new house and life, thursday will do well with firth grader and law & order, and then firday and saturday.. they’ll get thrashed. not their best nights, they should really consider fixing up friday & saturdays.

  8. I think now people are beginning to see the good programming TEN puts on, and although TEN will come third for this year’s overall ratings, I reckon from now on TEN will be second during the weekly ratings and next year they will truley shine.

  9. Good to see Ten making a comeback. Nine’s quality of programming is extremely poor at the moment. The only things really working for them are 2.5 Men and 60 Minutes.

  10. Slydoggie, no context for house? Is that a serious statement? They will refresh people on what happened. It wasn’t that long ago, relatively speaking, that the house season final was. As for life….

  11. It very much deserved that Emmy too. Best 90 mins of TV ever the finale eps were. Hopefully the S5 premiere ep will do well, I’ve seen it already and it’s a great episode.

  12. AWESOME! Go Ten.

    My fav channel of course. I NEVER watch any other channels… only Ten… seriously. Nothing else on other networks really interests me.

    Best network ever, hope it keeps coming first for a long time 🙂 I just hope that Taken Out gets higher ratings and i hope TEN bring BB back.

  13. I hope TEN goes well this week! I love their programming much more than the other channels, especially what times they play everything (minus Rush, I reckon that would have done much better in and 8:30 timeslot).
    Though they don’t always play the best of shows, they at least don’t rely on factual shows to get ratings (Border Security anyone?).

    TEN deserves to be at the #1 position and I hope that as Australian Idol goes further into the finals, and their new shows grow hopefully they will develop a larger audience.

    I’m surprised that they got so many viewers for AFL’s “night of nights” considering it only aired in a few cities! Had it aired all over Australia it probably would’ve got around 1.4-5 million I believe.

  14. House….bah humbug. TEN have killed this for me,. At the very least they could replay that double episode where Wilson’s missus dies. That was an amazing episode. This new one will just be so out of place now with no context. Same for Life. I understand the whole writer strike thing, but at least give people a chance to catch up properly.

  15. go TEN!!!! Great to see the network do so well and Idol was great with Cyndi on the show. Nine is suffering. Monday needs a huge revamp. Gone are the days of Sea Patrol and CSI:NY beating the competition and David Attenbourough getting 1.3 million. The movies are dull although the Wednesday ones were decent. Maybe Fringe should have gone to Mondays followed by Ramsay. Perhaps the Mentalist can save Mondays. Pity Sea Patrol or Underbelly can’t be fast tracked though! Nine’s Monday share was it’s worse that the lowest last year when they kept switching shows til millionaire started (maybe that would be a good opportunity to revive it again).

    As for the rest of the week for Ten, NCIS is a repeat, Seven will win and Nine will regain lost ground tonight. The Rafters won’t shoo away viewers for awhile yet. Rush should do alright though but no guarantee. House will probably do well and keep Ten out of forth place but Bondi and Life will have to do really well to get 2nd place. Thursday is Nine’s night due to Footy Show finals and maybe The strip and Getaway can get more viewers this time. The Rugby will give Nine Friday night in NRL states and possibly nationally but Before The Game may help Ten out. Without the Football on Saturday, it will likely be Nine’s night due to Rugby. Nine will likely win Sydnay and Brisbane and Seven for southern cities but Ten will be stronger, a lot stronger. Keep it up Ten!

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