This is your laugh, AOK

Andrew O'Keefe's new night-time project for 7HD has undergone another title change.

Andrew O’Keefe’s new night-time project appears to have undergone another title change.

In the planning stages for 7HD since 2007, the show has previously been known as AOK and The Late Andrew O’Keefe. Now it will be known as This is Your Laugh.

Australia’s Next Top Model’s Alex Perry, RocKwiz gal Julia Zemiro and Kevin Sheedy are all scheduled to appear on the show, which begins recording next weekend.

The show will be co-produced by O’Keefe and director-producer Marc Gracie (Full Frontal, Adventures of Lano & Woodley).

Meanwhile Seven has confirmed to TV Tonight that The Rich List will return to Seven later this year, hopefully in an improved timeslot.

Source: news.com.au

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  1. Attended tonights taping and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Joe Hockey was very entertaining and I was most impressd by Andrew’s hosting.
    All four of the comedy relief were funny but I particularly enjoyed the dark haired girl.

  2. To those who doubt this new show I have just been to a filming of it this week and it’s not bad at all. I guess like any show it depends on your sense of humour. Personally I hated Thank God You’re Here but apparently that was popular. How about giving channel 7 and Andrew a chance before tearing them to shreds.

  3. The name of this show is terrible, the 2nd one is the better one. This is your laugh? Seriously? Anyway, i would like to see how this show turns out, you think they will put it on there website like the Nightcap was?

  4. Why? Andrew O’Keefe is not very funny. He’s a game show host and amazingly give’s “The Koshmister” a run for his money in the annoying stakes.

    I guess it shows why it has been so long in development.

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