US Kath & Kim to screen in Oz

The US version of Kath & Kim will be a surefire ratings winner for Channel Seven, when they air the show on Sunday October 12 -just days after its US premiere.

Australian viewers are bound to be bursting with curiosity at the US adaptation -though many will see it before that when it undoubtedly hits torrent sites first.

A report today also sheds a little more light on the absence of the character of Sharon.

“From day one the Americans felt they’d go their own way on that,” Australian producer, Rick McKenna told The Age. “They’ve looked at the relationship between Kath and Craig, the Brett character, much more.”

“The flavour is similar, but it’s their gags. When Kim whines, she says ‘mom’ instead of ‘mum’. Instead of being a butcher, the Kel character is a purveyor of gourmet sandwiches.”

Earlier reports had implied Magda Szubanski had not given permission for the character she created to be part of the American version.

Source: The Age

Press Release:
What happens when the US gets its hands on an Aussie icon?

We’re about to find out when NBC premieres its own version of Kath and Kim in primetime on October 9.

America’s own foxy morons – the dysfunctional mother-daughter duo played by Molly Shannon (Kath) and Selma Blair (Kim) – will air alongside the hit comedies, The Office and My Name is Earl on the US network TV giant.

Channel Seven has the exclusive rights to bring the new US series to Aussie viewers and will do it toot-sweet.

“Just over 48 hours after the show airs in the US, Australians will get to see it for themselves and make up their own minds,” says Tim Worner, Channel Seven’s Director of Programming and Production.

For the US version, Fountain Lakes is sun-soaked suburban Tampa, Florida, Dipity Bix is replaced by Corn Dogs and Doritos become Cheetos.

But the heart, soul and irreverence of the Australian original will remain at the show’s core – it is sure to be noice, different and very un-ewesual!

The Americanised Kath and Kim will make its Aussie debut on Sunday, October 12, following Channel Seven’s coverage of the Bathurst 1000.

Kath & Kim Executive Producer Rick McKenna worked closely with the US producers to bring the new version to life.

“The US creative team were massive fans of the original series and have captured the Kath & Kim essence perfectly, albeit in an American voice,” McKenna says. “The new storylines are hilarious.”

The US version is produced by Ugly Betty and The Biggest Loser creators Shine Reveille Productions and NBC Universal Studios.

Creators and stars of the hit Australian original Jane Turner and Gina Riley, with executive producer Rick McKenna, are executive producers for the US version


  1. Francis, nothing like “Cavemen” had ever been on US television before either. And look how well THAT went.

    As for assing judgement before it airs: well, the original sketch wasn’t funny, the Australian show wasn’t funny, so it’s a fair bet the US remake will follow suit.

  2. also people should be so quick to pass judgement on whether it’ll flop or be a success without even seeing the show.

    stop looking at 1 min promos and saying ‘it’s not funny. it’ll flop’. watch the full 21 min of the show on tv and then pass judgment…geez!!!

  3. Wow!! I’m amazed at how many people already think it will flop in america and australia.

    i’m sure it’ll be a sure fire #1 hit in australia and america. people in america can relate to this show and go, ‘ohh i sound just like that’ or ‘i act like that’ and be happy with it.

    nothing like it has been on american tv and so they’ll love it. just like so many people love kath and kim in australia. we look at it and go ‘ohh it’s so relatable. i act like that. i talk like that.’ and we also get a kick out of them using local terms and shop names that we know like ‘rays tent city’ and brand names as well like ‘sass and bide’ and it’s so cool.

    i think it’ll go well in america. can’t wait for it!!!

  4. Good to see some sense – finally – expressed here about how woefully unfunny the Australian original is. It was always a lightweight and barely-amusing sketch drawn out interminably into an unfunny sitcom that wore out its welcome with more skill than Con The Fruiterer’s one-note joke or Dave Hughes’ one-note schtick.

    Usually, if I express dislike of K&K to anyone in this country I’m looked at like a pariah. Nice to know I’m not alone after all.

    And yes, the US version will (a) tank and (b) generate upset Green Guide letters abut how they’ve “broken it”.

    And I promise to stop calling “doomed” on new shows for the next little while, m’kay? 😀

  5. I agree that things shouldn’t be judged before seeing them and I try to be as tolerant as possible when it comes to things I haven’t seen but I have absolutely no desire to watch this. I loathe the original and while this will be more “Americanized”, I still don’t think it’ll appeal to me.

    The only way I’ll give it a go is if they show repeats during the day.

  6. I have to also admit I never really watch the local version, on ABC or Seven but I’ll check out the US one, you can’t complain about something without seeing it!

    BTW they just showed a promo for it but with no US footage just local stuff. I’m sure it will confuse a lot of people who didn’t know it was being made in the US and they were hanging out for the local one to return.

  7. I don’t like the Aussie version AT ALL so I’ll definitely be skipping this. Even if it rates well for the first episode or two, I have a feeling it’ll drop fast. I don’t think it’ll appeal to people here. People will probably just watch it out of curiosity.

  8. Not surprised by this. The first episode (or two) will probably attract enough curiosity for them to rate reasonably well, however once the negative reviews start rolling in (and the show gets axed in the states), Seven will dump it in a low-key timeslot, never to be heard from again. 🙂

  9. Spunkymonkeycaesar

    Unfortunately I don’t think this will rate well in the US or here in Oz, as Richard H said it sure is no Everybody Loves Raymond or Seinfeld, and here will be no match to the Aussie version of Kath and Kim!

  10. I think everyone is expecting a miracle with this show, and anything less is a flop. Although last year, (when i was still watching channel 7 live), kath and kim frequently went 15 minutes overtime with earl on after that, so i’ll definately tape it.

  11. will not last in the states. Kath and Kim is not that funny anyway how they got so many seasons in Aus is a mystery the show ran out of gags a few years ago. Turner and Reily must be laughing all the way to the bank. It will flop in the US. It’s no sienfeld or everybody loves raymond.

  12. I never watched the Aussie version. Is Kim the daughter? If she is, she looks hawt as in that image, which might not work for Aussie viewers as they’re used to the Aussie Kath & Kim only being moderately attractive. That and all the cultural differences.

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