Veronicas line up for reality TV

If it’s good enough for Jessica Simpson…..

The Veronicas are said to be in negotiation for their own reality series in the US.

“It’d be about our life. We document everything we do anyway, we often have camera crews on us on tour,” Jess Origliasso has told

“You’ve got to have so many avenues to get your music out there in America. It’s not like Australia, Australia embraces new music, it’s not just about music over there, it’s about personality and celebrity. It’s craziness over there.”

The girls have already supported the Jonas Brothers and played to 30,000 fans a night.

Yesterday the duo received four nominations for this year’s ARIA Awards.



  1. I won tickets on B105 and went to see them at the Hot30 building in Sydney. got some photos with them and they are absolutely tiny but they were also very sweet 😛

    not sure about this reality thing but that’s what the US are into; everyone over there gets one for some reason or another :S

  2. Lolol these chicks are tiny as! I’m embarrased to say I went to their concert 3 years ago. I was right up the front and couldn’t see them. They should try standing on phone books when they sing so people actually know where to look.

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