You call that fasttracking?

Now this is real fasttracking.

Forget about Seven, Nine and TEN. It’s the ABC that is putting them all to shame with the latest series of Wire in the Blood.

Episode one of series six aired last Friday night. If you didn’t catch it, you missed another dark, gruesome thriller headed up by Robson Green, who was in Australia two weeks ago, and Simone Lahbib

Here’s where I tell you it hasn’t even aired in the UK yet.

In fact it won’t air on ITV until Friday night, about Saturday lunchtime in Australia.

By that time another episode will have aired on the ABC.

Wire in the Blood airs 8:30pm Friday on ABC1.


  1. I like house, but it isn’t one of those ‘must download straight aways’ for me, so i can wait a week for house (unlike prison break or heroes) – although i will tape it, as i still don’t trust them to run on time.

  2. A year ago we were all rapt when shows aired just a week after the US. Historically it was a big U-Turn. Now a year later a week is no longer a fasttrack? That seems harsh.

    I’m not sure compared to Letterman, Ellen, The View etc it is “seriously fasttracked” but I reckon a week falls within the boundaries of fasttracking.

  3. Channel 10’s not much better – they are advertising the season premiere of House “fastracked from the US” this Wednesday 24 September. Someone should tell them that given that is more than a week since the episode aired in the US, that it’s hardly a fasttrack.

  4. I saw Afterlife on 9HD earlier this year. I’m not sure if it was the first or second series.

    Here’s hoping ABC can get their act together with “fast tracking” Doctor Who. Just imagine their ratings on a Sunday night if they screened the episodes in a timely fashion. Most people I know have seen these episodes months ago.

  5. “Having said that, I recall Ch 7 screening a show here before it was on in the UK. Something about a psychic woman… I can’t recall the name but I think it was last year? or maybe 2006??”

    Is that “afterlife” (with Andrew Lincoln from “Teachers) you are thinking of, DD?

    Really enjoyed that show. World premiere was on Nine Tuesday, August 16 2005 at 9:30. Did Nine ever get around to showing the second series or is that yet another gem they have sitting on a shelf gathering dust???

  6. Well Mia I’m people (well one person just like you) and I actually wanted to see Wire in the Blood

    I think it’s great any time anything gets ‘fast tracked’ (what a silly term that is) – even if it’s not a show I’m interested in

  7. Great. Why can’t they fast track the stuff people actually want to see? Doctor Who? Spooks?

    Will we ever see Cranford or Sense and Sensibility?


    Excuse me for my lack of enthusiasm for yet another Robson Green drama.

  8. Speaking of fasttracking, I think Ten may have made a huge blunder on NCIS. The season 5 finale will be shown next Tuesday (September 16), while season 6 premieres on CBS on September 23 (September 24 in Australia). What is Ten going to show on September 23 then? There is no way Ten can show a new episode of NCIS before it goes to air in the US.

  9. Nobody in Australia downloads British shows… are you kidding? Midsomer Murders’ target audience wouldn’t bother (what’s a torrent?) but I know people who download Torchwood and Dr Who regularly.

    Having said that, I recall Ch 7 screening a show here before it was on in the UK. Something about a psychic woman… I can’t recall the name but I think it was last year? or maybe 2006??

    I guess UK broadcasters aren’t so worried about something being seen here first every once in a while.

  10. I think Seven has done a similar thing before as well – with Saturday Kitchen. When I was living in the UK I was on the phone to my parent’s talking about the show and they had told me that they had seen that very episode the day before…

    But no where near as good as the ABC!

  11. Doug from Perth

    ABC’s not very consistent with their supposed ‘speed’. They held off Doctor Who Christmas specials until June or July, making fans wait for 6 months or resort to downloads. Even the debut of Doctor Who Series 4 was not until Series 4 was finishing on BBC in the UK.

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