Airdate: Domestic Blitz special. Bumped: 2.5 Men, Til Death, CSI, Cold Case

Nine will air a 90 minute special of Domestic Blitz on Monday November 10th at 7:30pm. It will feature Tourette’s patient Bianca Saez whose family home on the Sunshine Coast gets a renovation from the Nine team.

The show has been one of Nine’s more popular new programmes attracting figures of over 1.4m on Sunday evenings.

The special means episodes of Two and a Half Men and Til Death will not air, while CSI and Cold Case are pushed back by half an hour each to 9:00pm and 10:00pm. True CSI: Cold Blood is set for 11pm.

Now we wait to see if City Homicide wants to re-think its Monday repeat episodes….

Press Release:
The story of Tourette’s patient Bianca Saez touched the hearts of Australians. Bianca endured uncontrollable tics which made her punch, kick, swear and convulse uncontrollably. A radical new brain surgery gave Bianca a chance at a normal life, but the family home still resembled a bomb site, thanks to Bianca’s Tourette’s-induced rages. The local community on the Sunshine Coast banded together with the Domestic Blitz team to give the Saez family a new home. This is by far the biggest renovation project ever undertaken for Australian television and the result is a spectacular new home, giving the Saez family a well deserved new start in life.


  1. I would like to find out more about the wall to wall garage work bench and cupboards. Are they available throught a retail outlet?

    I am also interested in the flooring you showed in the garage

    Great show it should make you all feel proud


    Bill m

  2. To the entire Family
    What a mum
    What a dad
    What a beautiful brother
    What a beutiful girl
    What a beutiful family

    I am so grateful to Domestic Blitz for doing what they did, to the community
    and to the Saez family – You are all so fantastic, and are so incredible ….not just because of your situation but because of the incredible genuineness and good people that you are. Thankyou for sharing. You all make us all want to be better people.
    Domestic Blitz – best show I have ever seen. Yous are all so genuine and caring – Thankyou

  3. What a truely remarkable story. The Sunshine Coast and the Domestic Blitz team have rallied together to give such a worthy family a new start. I hope that the home gives them much joy, they certainly deserve it.

    Be It Ever So Humble There Is No Place Like Home.

  4. Domestic Blitz is back!! I like so many other people love love this show. In a me, me and back to me world we can sometimes live in today it is so so nice to see heart felt good stories. People reaching out and helping people. I think this show has so much substance. Great host and cast. Well done channel nine for Domestic Blitz. On the flip side channel nine please put the lid firmly closed on your not so good show Battlefronts.

  5. 9 have already lost the year so I dont really see the point of bringing out the big guns so late in the year. They might go on to win Monday’s – infact they should with one of their strongest shows and fast tracked CSI, against 7 who aren’t even really trying with The Rich List and repeat episodes of City Homicide – but 7’s Tuesday’s alone will ensure they continue to win the remaining weeks of the year.

  6. Are you seriouse?
    I have to miss out on a repeat episode of Two & A Half Men?
    So there is only 9 episdoes going to be shown that week. NOOOOOOOO
    I feel your deep and justified pain Benno

  7. If this will be up against The Rich List then 9 may actually win Mondays again – they did it for a couple of Mondays earlier in the year with David Attenborough and Sea Patrol and this move may again enable them but probably not the week judging by 7’s Tuesdays.

  8. why monday?

    surely they could’ve gotten rid of the chopping block / 2.5 men for one week on tues

    nine might win monday night without border/force/ new CH, but then again they’ve already lost the year so what does it matter

  9. hey david there is something wrong with this post….i agree interesting that 7 is putting on repeats of city hom cause in stead of watching them i have turned to channel nine for its only good show after cancelling fringe…csi:

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