Airdate: Gemini Division

The webisode series, Gemini Division is coming to the Sci Fi Channel. As the brief stories only appear online via NBC, Sci Fi’s television screening will be a world premiere.

They will air weeknights at 7:30pm from Tuesday November 3rd.

Starring actress Rosario Dawson, there are fifty five-to-seven minute episodes about an NYC detective investigating the murder of her fiance. During the ensuing investigation she uncovers a global conspiracy involving the creation of simulated life forms known as “SiMS” that have assimilated themselves within the unsuspecting public and a mysterious clandestine organisation called Gemini Division that is created to take them down.

The episodes are made to appear as a video message conversation between Dawson’s character and the viewer, with flashbacks enacted out to explain parts of the story.

The series also includes Justin Hartley (Smallville).

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