Airdate: The K-Tel Story

Hands up if you remember the Record Selector, the Patti Stacker, The Miracle Brushes, the vegetable slicers, the golf king, the tennis pro and those vibrant compilation records?

K-Tel was a 1970s phenomenon. It started in Canada and swept the world with its gadgets, noisy television ads and marketing campaigns. Before there was Big Kev there was K-Tel. How much would you expect to pay? Just $2.99!

But who was behind it? And how did it manage to become such a global success?

This documentary will take you back to the 70s, with its bad hair, fashion and music

As Seen On TV: The K-Tel Story airs 7:30pm Friday on SBS

Press Release:

As Seen On TV: The K-Tel Story – Long before there was Richard Branson, there was Phillip Kives. Mr Kives had a knack for selling things to the common man, the ‘bingo player’ as he referred to them in the ’60s. Combining ingenious inventions, a whole lot of plastic and the ultimate hard sell, his company K-Tel rewrote the rules of advertising and went on to become one of the largest, loudest marketing success stories the world has ever known. This documentary tells the incredible rise, fall and eventual resurrection of the company responsible for creating products such as the “The Miracle Brush,” “Record Selector,” and the “Patty Stacker.”


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