‘Alan Everywhere’ in Torchwood

Alan Dale makes his way to the Torchwood Institute next week on TEN.

Alan Dale will appear in next week’s episode of Torchwood.

It’s another credit to his impressive international CV which already lists Ugly Betty, Lost, The OC, NCIS, 24 and a host of others. A long way from Jim Robinson…

This year Dale has been appearing in the stage production of Spamalot in the UK, which required Lost to travel to the UK to shoot scenes for the last series.

The episode “Reset” also has another interesting guest role for fans of the Who-niverse too.

It airs 10:30pm  Monday on TEN.

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  1. SHINTARO, the comments he’s made about Neighbours were really stupid. I hate the show myself but he was on it and like you said, no one would’ve known him without it. He shouldn’t publicly insult it like that.

    I really wonder what producers see in him. For a start, his American accent is pathetic and secondly, he acts exactly the same in every single role. It’s like he’s playing himself in every show.

  2. wow i want his agent. I find that he suits a wide range of rolls very well which is probably why he is in so many different types of shows (as opposed to just doing the cop show circuit)

    i don’t think he wouldn’t be that cheap to hire, why would high budget shows ie. lost be revolving their production around a cheap actor.

  3. Alan Dale either has the best agent in the history of the universe ever, or he is an alien taking over the entertainment industry. Fortunately, it’s probably the former. Though if the latter happened, we might get decent Australian TV again 😉

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