An Aussie goes Calypso

Following on from the success of An Aussie goes Barmy and An Aussie goes Bolly, next up it’s An Aussie Goes Calypso.

The first two series featured cricketing fan Gus Worland infiltrating the English cricketing team’s “Barmy Army” and following the Aussie team through India.

Both series were produced and narrated by Worland’s best mate, Hugh Jackman, and a big hit for the FOX8 channel.

The Calypso version, is filmed in Grenada, will air on FOX8 in December.


  1. I pretty much hate anything to do with cricket as i find it a rather boring sport, unless of course your actually playing it. So i must say kudos to gus for making a show about cricket so god damn interesting, whats great is that he is just a average aussie with a passion for sport and who is lucky enough to have a rich mate, and obviously the first two seasons rated quite well otherwise they wouldnt have continued to produce seasons, f**k your jealousy off and just sit back and enjoy the ride

  2. I almost began to watch parts of the last series,until i noticed all this tubby lil fella with cheese teeth and greasy hair crying over stupid things like seating arrangements and comments that indians had stated towards the australian team members. Now, he’s doing commercials representing all australians as drug users and unfortuntely i have to explain to my 9 year old son why this tubby cheese toothed greasy haired waste of oxygen is sleepy and hungry around smoke!


  3. does this guy have an discernable talent apart from the ability to beguile mates and extract money from them… oh, and eat…. and laugh inanely at every little thing… you see where i’m going with this.

  4. I noticed watching the games on Fox Sports that he was being shown at pretty much every game by the cameras so I had an idea another series would be coming. An Aussie Goes Bolly was awesome so I am looking forward to this one.

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