Axed: Download

Network TEN has hit the “stop” button on its Download ‘internet clip show’ after just two episodes.

The Mike Goldman, Bree Amer and Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald series was in its second season, hosting video clips packaged together with commentary, competitions and special guests.

It will be replaced by Canada’s Ice Road Truckers effective from this Friday at 7:30pm.

Ten episodes of the show were filmed with the former Big Brother trio earlier this year. But last week it had 526,000 viewers.

The axing is a disappointment to TEN’s struggling Friday line-ups. Earlier this month TV Tonight interviewed Mike Goldman and Bree Amer about the timeslot and difficulty of winning an audience on one of TEN’s weakest nights.

TV Tonight: “Channel TEN are in a climate of taking things off air quickly if they’re not working. What if I was to say to you they played the show for three weeks and then took it off?”

Mike Goldman: “That’s not gonna happen, because it’s an awesome show! It’s not boring, it’s fun. I’ve got a copy of the first episode I played to a stack of kids the other day they p*****d themselves. Absolutely loved it. So I’d be very surprised.

Bree Amer: We’re pretty lucky to have a pretty good fanbase as well, through Big Brother.

Friday Night Live won Goldman, Amer and Fitzgerald ‘Best Action Show’ at the Kids Choice Awards.

TEN is yet to announce its plans for the remaining 8 episodes.

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  1. Doug from Perth

    I’m with Jack! and the others suggesting a regular Sci-Fi niche would build a very loyal following if properly promoted and kept as a regular event.

    For all those claiming Sci-Fi simply ‘doesn’t rate’ with mainstream viewers, check Doctor Who’s ratings for 2008, keeping in kind that TEN’s Torchwood is its spin off. Properly publicised and kept in a regular slot at a descent viewing time, it gave all the commercial networks, particularly TEN, a run for their money.

  2. I’m behind you Jack! go the SCI-FI.. although I do have to agree, it doesn’t always rate well (but what about early numbers for lost/heroes and similar?)
    although I do have HD tv being in Canberra we do not have the luxury of getting any 10 HD show’s so I’m definetly missing out. But the problem with sci-fi ratings is the majority seem to download it before it hits FTA anyway – I’m in the rare club that dont
    wish that our networks played some decent “non-repetitive non same old same format” quality programming!

  3. Sorry Jack, but i gotta agree with R. Sci-fi like stargate may be popular with some people, but it just wouldn’t appeal to enough people, let alone to watch it on fta, to improve their night.

  4. “…R on October 28th, 2008 9:09 pm
    Jack and Dan – you might like that lineup, but that would almost certainly cause Ten’s already terminal friday night shares to flatline…”

    I am VERY confident that it would only improve things …
    The “young demographic” that 10 constantly go on about being their target … don’t they all go out on Friday nights??? So aim for a different demographic …. simple logic for pity sake!

    I recon that “no common sense” is a big prt of the problem …


  5. No, I have to agree with Craig. Goldman has some talent at least. Fitzy *might* be a candidate for something like Before the Game, but Bree is a total zero.

  6. So i assume Goldman will now be another faceless “celeb”. Pity his dental & hair work now goes to waste. Fitzy can always make a buck on sportsmans nights at suburban football clubs in bogan-land Adelaide. But Bree?? What becomes of her?

    Darling, get married to some rich ad man or maybe take up an offer from some sleazy sponsor, because you aint never gonna be seen again honey.

  7. putting 90210 on as promised would be an interesting idea, there is a massive petition to bring it back, although those who care enough would have gone straight onto the internet so the numbers would probably be even worse now.

  8. I totally agree that they should air Friday Night Lights on Friday’s. Not only does it tie into their purchase of the American NFL for HD Sports (and we know Ten are all about the Sports at the moment) but good lord it makes it fun for their Publicity Team. You’ve got two ready made seasons with at least 30 episodes of ready to go, that will zoom you through summer.

    Also with no Football at the moment, either NRL or AFL, some of the fella’s (and even the ladies) might want to see a little macho action. Also, the show is good, but that seems to be the last in consideration stakes programming.

  9. Anyone who would be interested in Download probably hits the clubs on a Friday (re 16-26 yo) so it was kind of doomed.

    I would love to see more Simpsons, Smallville or a regular movie – anythings better than sitting through better homes and gardens, but Ice Truckers????

    Please no!!

  10. Have to agree with Jack here..

    A themed friday night (or any night) is way to go..

    Sci-fi, crime, youth orientated, comedy or Australian made.
    as many have said before, networks really need to think about the Flow of shows on any particular night.

    And for goodness sakes, lets get rid of those “elistist people meters’ and start talking to real people watching TV..Not a very select group

  11. Thank god for that! Agreed quality stuff like Battlestar should be the new Friday – bloody hell, whoda ever thought about quality shows being scheduled on a mainstream channel?

    ‘Course, we all know Ten will eventually throw up their arms and do the only thing that works – Simpsons marathons!!!

  12. i liked friday download but i guest people just weren’t into it i think ch 10 should make a friday night games again but with celebrities or people like ourselves all you have to do is sign up i bet that would get more ratings with the same hosts

  13. I agree with you there Jack, think that would be a great line up for Friday night TV, maybe you should replace the current idiot programers that Ten employs, they are hopeless.

  14. its only axed bexause it doesent get advertised that6 much and they should put it on 6.30 saturday packed to the rafters gets advertised every add y cant they with this.

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