Big Brother’s Rory charged

Another Big Brother housemate is in trouble with the law with news that 2008 runner-up Rory Ammon has been charged for his part in an alleged assault of a cyclist.

But the 22-year-old yesterday denies he has done anything wrong.

Victorian Police yesterday revealed that 22yo Ammon had been charged on summons with assault in company and failure to disclose the name of the driver at the time of the incident.

It is alleged that while driving in Geelong on March 29, Ammon swerved towards a 27-year-old cyclist and came within 60cm of him. His passenger then allegedly hung out the car window and struck the cyclist in the lower back and buttocks region. The cyclist suffered severe bruising to his lower back and buttocks as a result.

Ammon said last night he did not purposely drive close the rider and pointed the finger at his passenger, the brother of a close friend.

“He has taken off somewhere,” Ammon said. “I can’t stop other people’s actions. I don’t see it as my fault so I can’t apologise.

“My only fault is that he was in my car and apparently he is my responsibility.”

Ammon’s passenger has not been interviewed.

Leading Sen-Constable Jeff Brough of Torquay police said, “Police have a whereabouts on the main offender and when that person is located, he will be interviewed in regards to the alleged offence.”

In the Big Brother house Ammon was disciplined for “bullying” housemate Travis after an incident where Travis and Alice were left in tears.

It’s not the first time a BB housemate from Geelong has been in trouble with the law. In September former 2005 intruder Heath Tournier, 28, was convicted of affray and assault over a wild brawl at a Torquay hotel last year.

Ammon will appear at Geelong Magistrates’ Court on November 25.

Source: Geelong Advertiser,


  1. To avoid comments like this?

    “Violence, stupidity and Geelong. They go together like fish and water.”
    “You just need to look at the type of individuals who appear on the show to know there is likely to be some kind of criminal charge in their future.”

    How “bad” is bad?
    I put it to you Dave, that its a matter of bias based on Sexual Orientation and Celebrity Status.

  2. Given the profile of Todd McKenney it attracted a lot of defamatory comments that couldn’t be published. It all depends on the way people phrase things really. If there’s a flood of them for this post then yes I’d probably consider reintroducing them for cases before courts.

  3. So how come when the Dancing with the Stars guy was “maybe” being charged we couldn’t comment abut it, when the Hey Hey guy story was here again no comments allowed.
    But your allowing any old thing to be said about this “reality” stars arrest?

  4. looks like all the media are starving fr stories..
    Why is this even news worthy?
    If a contestant of the Price is Right or Deal or No deal got a speeding fine would the media report that?

    I’m starting to realize that the media are nothing but people who feed off people with actual lives.

  5. It’s funny that in his intro he said something about the “quality of people” in Geelong making the local papers turn against him. Looks like the local media will be coming back for seconds 🙂

  6. I don’t doubt that for a second David. You just need to look at the type of individuals who appear on the show to know there is likely to be some kind of criminal charge in their future. Or past.

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