Bondi Vet for MIPCOM

TEN's upcoming factual starring Dr. Chris Brown is one of hundreds of programmed being shopped to the world.

UK distributor Steadfast International will take TEN’s factual series Bondi Vet to MIPCOM this year, but there is still no indication of when the show will air in Australia.

MIPCOM, along with MIPTV, is one of the international industry’s key trade events, due mid-October in Cannes.

Featuring Sydney veterinarian, Dr. Chris Brown, formerly of Harry’s Practice, Burke’s Backyard, and Today, the series was produced by WTFN.

Steadfast says the (14×30′) series is shot in HD, following Brown as he lives, works and surfs on the world’s most famous beach. It was originally mooted as an 8 part series.

Earlier this year TEN said, “Viewers will be treated to the behind-the-scenes action of the veterinary surgery and will also get a sneak peak into the life of this handsome, intelligent and empathetic vet.”

But the show was absent on a list of programmes in TEN’s second-half of 2008. Animal shows are all the rage this year with RSPCA Animal Rescue, The Zoo, Outback Wildlife Rescue and Animal Emergency.

Source: C21

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  1. “when I grow up i’d like to be a bondi vet” ……… this is what my 7 year old brother told me and my mum this yesterday while walking down the streets of Brisbane.

  2. i think chris is a really nice guy and very committed to his work and when i see people “rip him off” is not fair id like to see them triy and be a vet!!!! i wonder how people can call him a butcher and basicly blaming him for beanies death these things happen and sometimes its just out of our hands

    i credit Chris for his dedication as well as lisa………. well done guys

  3. that poor eastern grey – the things producers will do to make a good story. I agree, vets look after the medical side whereas carers raise the animals and if he was given back to that carer – he would have had more chance of survival. We are carers, and we are training our vets!!!!!!!

    The poor thing would have been cold taken out of his blanky all th etime, should have been on heat and given iv fluids for dehydration. Was he being toileted or letting himself try and do that??? Stress would have killed him for sure.

    shame shame dr Chris – you should know better!!!!

  4. You cannot trust any TV show in this day and age. It is all about “show.” I dont doubt Chris is a caring vet but he is obvioulsy having his credibility eaten away by the vultures who produce these sorts of shows.
    Talk about reality TV….most of the progames on TV are so manipulated real reality goes out the window.
    If Chris wasn’t good looking he would not have been given this show.

  5. How disappointing is this vet?
    He gave the little Eastern Grey Kangaroo no chance of survival…just for the show.
    This little fellow was so compromised when he took over. First off the animal should have been hydrated with IV fluid.
    Possibly needed treatment for scouring if he’d been on cow’s milk for several days.
    He should have been returned to the carer for proper care and heat, not put out on show and taken to his bed.
    The best wildlife vets will listen to the carers.
    Shame on you Chris Brown…just for the drama of the show.

  6. After watching the show tonight, i got very emotional with the poor little white dog who was hit by a car, and also that thief who took it’s lead in the first place!!! I can not believe someone would do a thing like that but i do believe in Karma, so i’m hoping that person who was petty enough to steal a $3 lead, that they too get run over but are in a worse off condition. This was one of the saddest shows ever shown and it saddens me that this could’ve been prevented had they used their stupid brain in the first place!

  7. Dear Dr Cris Brown,
    I just watched tonight’s episode of when that strong cute little white dog that was hit & left by the car driver,it’s made me soo angry to think someone could do that & it made me even more angrier when that other scum bag stole the lead from him which led to her tragic accident…..i’m typing this email as i want to know if the owner had laid any charges to that scum bag seeing that his identity was on the security camera…i do hope so as i believe he should not of got away with what he had done….hope to hear from you soon….thanku Jenelle.

  8. Hi
    Story on 19.02,09 with the British Bulldog

    Chris Brown I dont call him a Dr he is an butcher
    Poor Buldog and his owner She should be given the dog training and handling lessons first options not an testicles to be removed !!! This should be last option
    Chris make an good Advertaisment for him self but he is not taking care of animals


  9. I watched last night the Bondi Vet I love the vet, but the way they went about treating the dog with the tick was just ridclious. I have dogs and have had them for over thirty years now. and they have had ticks. My vet was very proffesional unlike the youing female vet they had on. Fancy throwing the dogs fur the way she did really.

    IThe bird part was interesting and well done and the cat they saved , but as far as the young female vet well they could well do with out her.She did noting for the vetinary proffession.

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