Bumped: Californication, The Office.

Another fastracked US series takes a hit. TEN squeezes NCIS into Sundays pushing David Duchovny and Steve Carell back.

Another fastracked US series has taken a hit, with Network TEN indicating it will push Californication back an hour beginning this Sunday.

Instead it will squeeze a repeat of NCIS into 9:40pm with a repeat of “Hometown Hero.”

Californication will start an hour later.

Sadly, this means The Office won’t start until 11:20pm either, which is very late for a school night. That’s likely to anger fans who have been waiting for months for the show to return. Some even suggested it would get better ratings at 7pm than Friends. But TEN treats the Steve Carell comedy as something of an acquired taste. Then again, Two and a Half Men was a flop for Nine until they just left it on over summer and it boomed.

As for the David Duchovny drama, it rated 543,000 viewers on Sunday, on track with its season premiere of 546,000.  It did have a good lead in with ARIAs 1.13m.

‘Seriously,’ how many viewers does TEN expect to get at 9:30pm on a Sunday?

We watch with some scepticism to see if NCIS can travel past 750,000 -otherwise what’s the point of all the anguish it will cause?

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  1. It’s a bloody half-hour show! Surely they could fit it in somewhere earlier in place of all that other crap that’s filled their schedule? And the time that The Office is being showed is absolutely atrocious!

    Why don’t people get it through their thick heads not to watch repeats of NCIS!? It encourages them to show more and more repeats. That’s why 7 keeps repeats of Criminal Minds on after the new episode.

  2. they’re desperate to get their overall numbers up because they’re in 2009 advertising rate negotiation time … throwing ncis, one of their few hits, into another timeslot per week is part of that strategy

    shame that sunday nights have all of a sudden become a lot less cool

  3. Jener,
    I doubt very much at all 10 would air season 4(The Office) at all- at least straight after season 3 is finished up.
    They have treated this show badly, numerous times it has been removed from their schedule, put in strange timeslots(late sunday night’s,monday nights after season 1 of Califonication etc).

  4. If Rove is ch 10’s biggest drawcard then they are in even biger trouble than i thought!

    Earthquake – there is no russian chick in NCIS, Ziva is from Israel and has been in on the show since Kate was shot.
    There were a couple of eps at the start of this series when she was back home in Israel but she has never left the show.

  5. I’m just worried that Ten would edit The Office like they’ve been editing Friends if they put it in the Friends timeslot.

    Are Ten (once they finally get to it) going to air the one hour season final as one episode, or cut into two? And IF they then go ahead with the fourth season will they do the same with the first four that are also hour long episode?

    And we were only 5 months behind 30 Rock. That may sound like ages, but when you consider The Office is 26 episodes (about 1 year and 9 months) behind…

  6. californication isn ‘t just 10 minutes later. it’s a whole hour later.
    it was only on at 10:15 last week cos of the aria’s
    it’s time slot is usually 10pm.
    and it should stay that way

  7. David – do any of the C9 / C7 / C10 schedule planners ever come to this site and read the valid posts & points people put up here? Are they paying attention to how disgruntled the viewers are getting? The amount of programme bumps/cuts/axes is reaching a feverish level…….just like headless chickens……….to calm things down a bit, all they’d need to do is take some pointers from us mere mortal viewers in our posts….

  8. Cali 10mins later than normal…what’s the big deal? Stupid, but not problematic. The Office is too niche for an early timeslot, but it’s also wasted that late at night. W&G should be good as we approach summer. We’re starting to get to the not so grand episodes of Friends!

  9. Why is it that the programmers at 10 think repeats or films get better ratings than new series of shows. Case in Point, the moron in the programming department think repeats of will and grace will do better than season 3 episodes of The Office.
    What a Joke. Until all of the networks,including the abc, stop treating the viewers so arogantly, people are going to get their tv shows from other means.

  10. Meh, as for The Office – I gave up on TEN airing that a long time ago, I’ve seen every episodes and bought all the DVD’s from the USA. And in regards to Californication, as long as TEN air it I don’t care – I’ll just set the PVR – its the way I watch most of my TV anyway so it isn’t going to cause me much harm, Hell 10.30 was still too late a timeslot for me considering I wake up at 6 a.m. to get to work.

  11. i think the NCIS repeats rated well on tuesdays coz they were right after the new episodes and people couldn’t be bothered switching off, but i really doubt fans will go out of their way to seek out a repeat episode.

  12. How dissapointing. The Office has not even aired yet and it gets pushed back. Shame Channel 10, it would be a ratings winner on a Thursday night which is pretty limited at the moment.

    Let’s hope your profits fall further until you realise you can’t treat your viewers with such contempt.

  13. I used to watch Californication live on Ten but now my Tivo will record it for me and I’ll watch it another time.

    NCIS jumped the shark when they brought in the Russian chick. Now – they’ve changed the Russian chick to someone else? Looks like the motorbike still had some of the tank to go.

  14. Oh God. WHY TEN, WHY?! We don’t need more bloody 90s sitcom repeats!!! >:( Why couldn’t they have bought King of the Hill? It might actually be compatible with The Simpsons/Futurama/Sit Down, Shut Up/Cleveland if they promoted it right (for next year).

    BTW, Jener, most episodes of The Office seem to be PG or even G rated (from what I’ve seen). I think the Diversity Day episode 1 was rated M, and I may be wrong on this, but the DVDs may contain footage that weren’t included in the original U.S. airings; but Ten can just skip those and air them in a later slot (like with what Nine has done with 2 1/2 Men).

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