Bumped: The Intervention

It’s not often the ABC has cause to pull something from its schedule. We usually expect that of the commercial networks.

But plans to screen the documentary film The Intervention this month are now on hold.

The ABC advises that due to the government’s delay of the release of the report relevant to this documentary it has now been pulled from the schedule. The doco was set to screen on Thursday, October 16.

As there is no date set for the releasing of the report, the screening date for The Intervention is not yet known.

Updated: ABC now advises this will now screen on Thursday, October 30 at 9:30pm.

Playing In The Shadows will now screen on Thursday, October 16 at 9:30pm


  1. ABC are justing towing the party line! I bet they’re wishing they never said they would play it in the first place! I don’t think the FIlmaker had any vested interest one way or the other? I think it’s great that the people that have had to live through The Intervention have had an opportunity to have their say. Apart from this doco it seems like no one wants to listen to the plight of communities that were overtaken by the army, police etc

    If this happened in New Zealand to the Maori people there would be an uproar!

  2. Does this program have to be shown at the same time as the report is released? Can you think of any other reason the program has been delayed (legal issues etc)?

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