Dexter season 3 -when?

Anyone who has seen season two will be champing at the bit for the third instalment of Dexter.

The third season of Dexter will air in Australia on the Showcase Channel in January.

Showtime confirmed the news to TV Tonight today.

The new season has just launched in the US, enjoying an increase in its audience. That’s no doubt thanks to CBS screening it in an edited form during the Writers’ Strike.

It drew 1.2 million viewers during its season debut, up 21% from last season’s premiere and 20% from the season finale.

TEN finished re-screening the first series just over a week ago, replacing it with another Showtime drama, Californication.

No word yet on the second series for TEN (and it’s a ripper), but it’s likely to be 2009 -to be confirmed.

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  1. Again, bumping an excellent show for something well, lets face it, a bit flakey…. Supernatural is good for the eye candy and that’s about it really. Dexter is such a brilliant series. So well written, and addictive! How often do you fall in love with a serial killer? It’s a hit for my house hold and if 10 gave it the chance it deserved, it would be a hit in so many others.

  2. Dexter 3 Comes out in Sanity on August 20th,
    you can pre-order it.
    (that’s what i did)
    I’m a die-hard Dexter fan.!
    Coolest show ever..
    Watched Season 2 in a week!
    (had to go to school *sigh*)
    And Michael C. Hall is so hot!

    I’m Out

  3. Dexter is the best show on tv as you guys are all aware!!!!!!!!! why channel 10 put it on soooooo late on a sunday night i have no idea????? my partner and i just finished watching season 1 and 2 in a little over four days ( i kno that sounds familliar ) but its just so addictive in the way every episode leaves you hanging and needing more cant wait for season 3 still trying to find a way to get it………. cant believe doakes is dead!!!!!!!!!! freak ass mutha f#[email protected] lol

  4. Dexter is the greatest show on earth.
    i have season 1 and 2 on dvd and have watched them all over 24 hours.(i didn’t sleep). it’s good to have show focusing on a serial killer who is trained to kill killers. Micheal C Hall is the best playing dexter and i wouldn’t choose any other man to play him. Season 3 hurry up and be released.

  5. Dexter has litterally changed my life, it has changed the way I think about people and my perception of them.

    I religiously watched Season 1 Ten, and would torment myself having to wait a whole week to watch the next episode. I ended up taping each episode, watching the one episode multiple times throughout the week to tie me over.

    I couldn’t bare to wait for Season 2, so I just went and bought it on DVD, and watch the entire season almost once a fortnight.

    All I want is Season 3, I need season 3. It isn’t a want, it is a need. I need season 3 now. Anyone have an idea when it will be out.

    This show is amazing.

  6. Both myself and my daughter are Dexter addicts, and we are falling to pieces to get our hands on the season 3 dvd. We watched the first 2 seasons in 4 days, this is a fantastic show, here’s hoping we don’t have to wait till August to get it.

  7. When can we buy season 3 on dvd that’s what i want to know?!?!?!
    I just watched the end of season 2 last night, thought the last ep could’ve ended better, but i’m dying to see season 3.
    Like someone else said, it’s addictive.. i need to watch it!!!

  8. I have an addiction…. and it’s Dexter. I would pay to see season 3 but if morons out there can’t sell it to me I will simply download it for free…. Showtime better get with the program and start making there product more accessible to there users…. (I mean viewers).

  9. January!!!!!!!! that really sucks. i also have seen the first 2 episodes of the 3rd season and i wish i had waited for them to be on showcase becasue they were that good… im even going into dexter withdrawal

  10. Don’t hold your breath for TEN to screen the second seasons anytime soon…

    I just watched the first two eps of season three and it is the SHIZZLE. A prime example of when writers, producers and performers get it right and KEEP getting it right.

    It’s a shame Michael C. Hall wasn’t recognised with an Emmy for his work. He has wholly rocked my world with his continued brilliance.

    Big up for Showtime! Woop woop!

  11. I saw the pre-air 3.01 and OMG the final scene!

    Since it won’t be here until Jan I might have to get the rest from the US, I was prepared to wait until Nov but not Jan 09!

    David is there any reason Showcase can’t air it now?

  12. I’ve got agree Matt F. I was a bit worried about where they would go with the storyline after season 2 and if there was a point to making a third season but the first 2 eps of season 3 prove just how good the writers are on this show. Dexter is back with a vengeance and can’t wait for this season to play out.

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