“Encores” not Out of the Question

You can always tell which shows networks aren't happy with from the way they announce "Encores".

“Encore” episodes are a sure sign a network isn’t happy with the performance of a programme and Seven has announced several for the newly returned Out of the Question.

On Monday the Glenn Robbins-hosted show managed 468,000 viewers at 10:30pm which was a lift on 438,000 the week before.

Seven slated repeats on its 7HD channel originally for Wednesday nights, but now to air 1:30am Tuesday, three hours after the original screens.

This is the second block of episodes for the panel show which was taken off after Easter following disappointing ratings. It’s also the second time Seven has sought to grow the audience for the show via 7HD.

TV Tonight always finds the creative use of the word “Encore” over “Repeat” interesting, particularly for shows that haven’t yet aired.

Exactly which part of the audience cried “encore” when they haven’t even seen it?


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  1. If you’re not busy and take the time to sit down and relax, OOTQ is pretty entertaining. Though I don’t see why Seven are repeating this on 7HD as this series isn’t even filmed in High Definition.

  2. I think not to encore shows that need a boost would be foolish of a network.
    It’s a great way to boost awareness and exposure to a new show.
    If I were running a net I’d be doing even more of it.

    Also, with the overheads of making an hour of television nowadays – and dwindling auds due to pay TV, internet, home theatre systems etc – I think it makes very good economic sense to give a show more than one airing. An hour of repeated TV is certainly a lot cheaper than an hour of brand new TV.

    To air an episode just once and then throw it out is a waste. I expect to see All Saints, City Homicide and Home and Away to be re-purposed and aired on the new digital channels next year

  3. The 3 basic problems I had with Out of the Question in the first place were –

    1/ Point of the show
    2/ Glenn Robbinslooking lost as host
    3/ Choice of same old mates/friends being panellists…

    Briefly watched 5 mins whilst being upset that Boston Legalgot pushed back 30 mins. Nothing changed…S how has NO point. GLenn Robbins is NOT a host (almost as bad as Jules Lund)
    Fifi Box and Kate Langbroek again !!! Yikes.

    Out of the question seems like cardboard cut out of The Panel,Good new week, The Glass House…Cardboard cut out more interesting though !!

  4. When someone says that Rove is a better compare, you know things are in trouble.

    This show is very worthy of the 10:30pm timeslot….and it may not even last there.

    It is a big let down for Channel 7 on what is otherwise a dominant Monday night.

  5. I’m really surprised this even came back. Glenn Robbins is a stiff, uncomfortable host from the Ajay Rochester school of autocue reading. And good god, this week’s episode had the horrible sight of both Fifi Box AND Kate Langbroek on screen together! One shrill, unfunny bogan is bad enough, but two… Ugh.

  6. I still like it. I think it’s funny and entertaining in just the right ways.

    My biggest problem with it, though, is when Glenn Robbins isn’t in control half the time. I don’t mind it diverging into funny stories, that’s clearly part of the format, but Glenn has barely-contained panic on his face when that happens, and it’s like he’s not being respected as compere. He needs that same quiet charm that Rove has on “Fifth Grader” and really take charge.

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