Full season for Knight Rider

NBC has now picked up Knight Rider for a full season.

The network has ordered another nine episodes of the action-drama, following an earlier thumbs up for four more, which is good news for Seven.

Knight Rider’s pickup is the first of NBC’s new fall series to receive a full season order, joining CBS’ The Mentalist, Fox’s Fringe and CW’s 90210 -two of which are already struggling in Oz.

In the US its most recent episode was seen by 6.9 million viewers.

The telemovie managed 902,000 viewers when it premiered here on Seven. But Seven has yet to announce a series date, despite promising it would air in October.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Yeah, I agree with “Phillip Hollins”. Get rid of that horrible, horrible Supermodel show. Top Model is much better. Surely, MMAS doesn’t have that many weeks left, does it?

  2. David, might have to check Seven’s press release.

    Maybe they said Knight Rider will air in October 2010 !!!
    Or Air in private screening in Seven’s cafeteria between midday and 1 pm on every 2nd Thursday…

    or possibly Seven just lied again !!!

    N.B. Another show to add to list of broken promises from networks.
    Wonder whch network broke most promises.

  3. At least Journeyman apparrently ended with some kind of closure (something most short-lived tv series don’t get). I only saw the pilot myself and wasn’t hooked. I’m sure it’ll be out on DVD one day anyway.

    Anyway, I have my own, decade-old gripe with NBC, and that’s over them axing Seaquest in its third season without giving it the chance to wrap up properly! And for all the endless creative interference that meant the show never found a consistent form. It’s funny how these things really sting when you’re 14…

  4. Phillip Hollins

    remove make me a supermodel.
    bump amazing race up an hour
    then put knight rider at 8:30
    and then heroes at 9:30
    perfect thursday viewing:)
    the supermodel show..is just a free to air rip off of australia’s next top model..except with guys aswell…it’s absolute crap

  5. Journeyman had a lot lower ratings than knight rider has (even though i liked journeyman). It dropped under 6.9m after the 3rd of 13 episodes, with the final one of the fall getting 6.21m and the final episode in december getting 4.65m. Plus with the strike in full swing, nbc wouldn’t have had much hope for it.

  6. It’s never a matter of quality regarding what gets renewed and what gets axed. This is, first and foremost, a business. Also, it’s well known that networks will always try to favour the shows that they have more of a stake in. Knight Rider is produced by Universal Media Studios, which is owned by NBC. Journeyman was made by 20th Century Fox, meaning NBC didn’t have as much of a stake in it. That’s the business folks, c’est la vie.

  7. Ive been enjoying this show, so im glad its got picked up atleast for a complete first season. While its not the most highbrow drama show. Its entertainging easy to watch and fun. So i will keep watching it. Thoe i understand why some might think why is this show on and journeyman isnt i was a huge fan of journeyman i really think that show should have been moved to usa network or scifi in the usa.
    It wasnt to be. But i will continue enjoying Knight Rider each week.
    Also the telemovie and series are different yes they have same characters but the show runner or producer or something changed between the two and they said them selves forget the telemovie when coming in to the series
    ok enough for now

  8. well if heroes drops any further this week it could be bumped to 10:30 and this could be at 9:30 this could happen by the 30th

    otherwise yeh. criminal minds repeat slot, although they are rating quite well considering they are repeats and at 9:30

    i just cannot see this show rating well, esp. after so many shows of its type have failed spectacularly. i can understand ch7’s procrastination

  9. I get a feeling we won’t see this until next year unless The Amazing Race drops to a very low number. Other than Thursday I see no room in Seven’s schedule for it this year. The only other place maybe for it would be 9.30pm Wednesdays after Criminal Minds.

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