Gabriella Cilmi: ‘I wasn’t tipsy’

Six-time ARIA winner Gabriella Cilmi has answered the question everybody was asking, and says, nope, she was sober at the big event.

“I was actually jetlagged, I wasn’t tipsy,” the 17yo told

“But I can have one glass of wine.”

The speculation followed her less-than-articulate acceptance speeches (six of them) at Sunday’s ARIAs, which followed a recurring theme of “wow..really cool, like…” and similar gushing phrases. Through the television set is appeared that Cilmi was letting the night get the better of her. But that’s the problem with television. It never really captures atmosphere. What 17yo who won six trophies wouldn’t be a little shell-shocked?

Hundreds of internet posts, including several on this site, were asking whether Cilmi had partaken of too much alcohol. Several that weren’t published here, were very accusatory. Another report asked whether Acer Arena had breached the Liquor Act by letting minors, including some in the Australian Idol party, drink alcohol. TEN maintained they were under guardian care and that no breach occurred.

It wouldn’t be the first time a winner has been under the influence at an Aussie awards show. Michael Cole at the Logies? Joan Rivers at the Logies? It’s practically a tradition.

“I was hoping I would win one or two (awards),” says Cilmi.

“But when I kept on winning it was really weird, I didn’t expect it, so I didn’t know what to say.”

Movin’ on….


  1. she sings beautifully, but it was when she opened her mouth and spoke that myself and friends/flatmates were flabbergasted. she was speaking in a strange voice, accenting strange part of it – COOool Thaaaaaank y’all. almost like she was still singing or practising her ‘cool stage voice’ on the audience. Not sure now what to make of her. Just thought she might have been on drugs. maybe it would have been better if she was in fact drunk.

  2. Good grief!
    I can officially announce the end of the “laid back Australia”, we are so UNBELIEVABLY conservative now it’s nearly impossible to be laid back now!
    Did you know that our country is the 2nd highest censored country on the planet? Guess who is number one… Germany……
    We really have to stop telling people how they should live their lives..

  3. I thought she was pretty inarticulate, but when she can muster 6 ARIAs for her music talent you have to cut her a break that she might have been a bit awestruck by the whole thing. By this time next year she will have had her requisite ‘media training’ and will (hopefully) be able to string a few more sentences together.

  4. Amazing! Can’t people just be happy for a 17y.o girl, who has talent. Why is it that people have to whinge on everything now (maybe I am here??).

    I like her music, and it was good to see her do well. At 17, in front of all those people, I would guess everyone would be a bit shell-shocked.

  5. Please god, let’s not turn into the States when adults who all got drunk when they were under 18 pretend to be shocked that kids are doing same. From my experience there are no real rules followed at afterparties for one thing, and probably awards ceremonies either. So don’t be shocked just becuase you were annoyed you weren;t invited.

  6. Well if she wasn’t tipsy, it was still a very good “Vicky Pollard” type performance.

    Goes to show, shes only just turned 17 and she also mentioned on Australian Idol that she dropped out of school to pursue a music career! I just worry she will be left on the scrap heap of one hit performers soon before the next young thing comes along.

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