Gallery: Escape from Scorpion Island

Sixteen children aged 11-13 will comprise two teams in this new kids adventure series, produced with the BBC.

Not quite Survivor, not quite Kid Nation and probably not Lord of the Flies either -is the ABC’s Escape from Scorpion Island.

Described as an outdoor adventure experience the games the children undertake are aimed at stretching both physically and mentally, within considered perimeters, following the most stringent health and safety procedures.

Sixteen children aged 11-13 will comprise the teams of Team Claw, and Team Sting. The series is the third in a format which has already aired in the UK. Co-produced with the BBC, the show is hosted by UK radio duo, JK and Joel.

Escape From Scorpion Island airs each weekday from Monday, November 3 at 4:30pm on ABC1.

Press Release:
Sixteen adventurers aged between 11 and 13 are marooned on a remote and mysterious Island – some are being held captive. Individually they have no hope of escape! The only way off is to work together to rescue as many prisoners as possible in order to outsmart the Island and escape from it.

Filmed entirely in Australia, Escape From Scorpion Island is an adrenalin-fuelled adventure series for children that will air as 30 half-hour episodes each weekday from Monday, November 3 at 4:30pm on ABC1.

Each day the Island will select a handful of its prisoners to do battle against each other. The winners will join either Team Sting or Team Claw – the losers will be returned to life behind bars. Ultimately the biggest team has the best chance of escape – there’s strength in numbers!

Tempestuous, mysterious, and always unpredictable, the Island will do anything to stop these adventurers escaping. It has concocted a series of extreme stunts and challenges that will push the adventures to their absolute limits – and beyond! And all the while, under the Island’s onslaught, the adventurers will be learning the skills which will eventually help them Escape From Scorpion Island.

The games the children undertake in the series are aimed at providing them with a once-in-a-lifetime experience, allowing them to stretch themselves both physically and mentally, within considered perimeters, following the most stringent health and safety procedures.

Escape From Scorpion Island brings an outdoor adventure experience to the children, the likes of which they may never have dreamed possible. This is going to be an extraordinary adventure – you don’t want to miss a second of it!

Two teams arrive on the island…Team Claw, and Team Sting.

The adventurers land on the island in spectacular fashion… but the teams are not alone…Little do they know that elsewhere on the Island, ten mystery kids are also arriving. There’s barely time to recover from the excitement of their daredevil arrival – before the games begin!

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    wish i was on the show
    whoeva posts bak plz post bak to me
    jake is hot hot hot and hope team claw wins

  4. OMG Alex on Team Sting is soooooo Gourgus !!! 😀
    I cant wait to see who wins i want Team Sting to WIN because all of the team members are really good in what they do in each challange when Alex went to Limbo I was sooo sad I was crying !! To be honest i dint think he was going back to sting but they pulled together and won him back!! Yay
    What age is Alex cause I just came to Australia to live here in Perth it is so nice !!
    Love yaz
    Go Team Sting!

  5. hey i like your really cool and rerally like team sting and i just join team sting yesterday and its awesome!. i wish you can play it right away but i can so enjoy the hole game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome games from scorpian island i love it so woooooohoooooooooo

    By: Colin Ly

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