Gone: Battlefronts

Nine replaces Giaan Rooney's makeover series with new episodes of Bert's clip show.

Channel Nine is dropping Battlefronts from its Sunday line-up effective immediately.

It will be replaced by new episodes of 20 to 1.

On Sunday the show rated 857,000 trailing Seven’s Financial Crisis special at 1.44m / Kath & Kim 1.23m viewers and a repeat of Thank God You’re Here on 962,000.

When it last screened two weeks ago, Nine’s show had 963,000 behind The Outdoor Room‘s 1.04m and Outback Wildlife Rescue‘s 961,000. Thank God You’re Here had 1.04m in the same week -a comparable performance by Nine, really.

Nine’s Domestic Blitz fared much better gaining figures over 1.6m

For now 20 to 1 will air twice-weekly on Tuesday nights at 9:30pm too. No word on the remaining eps of the Giaan Rooney series.

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  1. you should give out the builders, designers,ect… e-mail addresses to people that watch the show so if they are doing a project that involves building, designing and so on… so they can get help i am only 11 and i may not be a Eisenstein but i think that you should. the way i thought of this was because my friend Jodie and i are doing a project and have to design a garden/learning area and are sort of out of ideas and we have thought and thought and we decided to contact some one and because i watch battlefronts i thought i would get my favorite person Mellisa King’s e-mail and contact her. So if you could consider my idea that would be great.

  2. clowns dressed up as gardeners hot buff boys annoying host boring yards fake acting this is hee hee was battlrfronts in a nutshell. Not at all surprised it is gone. Lets hope it does not return or any of the cast for that matter. Bury this show.

  3. Scott I’d like to agree but I think the smarter ones have given up on TV schedulers logic and moved on (to DVDs, the internet, realising there’s more to life than being waiting to be entertained in front of the TV, etc).

    The show 20-to-1 indicates that TV is now based on serving lowest common denominator entertainment (same with ACA and Today Tonight). Who would watch this recycled rubbish and why it qualifies as new Australian content (to the regulators/authorities) is anyones guess. An arbitrary, made up list commented on by a random group of people – Ironic that Bert is hosting it as it sounds like Family Feud.

    In 10 years (or less) when TV stations as we klnow it die and we get global shows on demand via broadband connections the local programmers/management will complain how it wasn’t their fault and the internet, video games and greenhouse gases 😉 all are responsible. They will be wrong. They don’t know what products their customers really want (a small skewed audience sample amounts to nothing) and don’t know how to deliver it to their customers (series in order, without edits/voiceovers for more ads, soon after o/s screening and in a reliable timeslot). That spells doom in any marketplace and they are sowing those seeds now.

  4. As a paticipant of the last show – I had the green team do my place they didn’t win 🙁

    I was not overly suprised when my wife called me this morning and told me she heard on the radio the show had been axed – I was a little disapointed there wasn’t enough meat in the show.

    The thing i loved when they approached us was that they didn’t want another – This person is dieing or disabled type of show, as the way everyone that has a normal life feels, that we watch backyard blitz etc and know that they will never do my house cause i’m not knocking at deaths door.

    They just wanted 2 neighbors that new each other well and got along. Just real Australians in real houses.

    I am very disapointed for the other 6 houses that were done that they wont be on TV!, although watching myself on national TV on Sunday night was a bit of an interesting experience!!!

  5. Surprise, surprise – another knee jerk reaction from Channel Nine. I personally think that this was a wrong move. Lets have a look at last Sunday. During Seven’s marathon coverage of the Bathurst 1000, there would have been no less than 20 plugs for the Seven News Special Minding Your Money with David Koch. Add to that curiosity factor the first epsiode of the Amercian series of Kath & Kim, and obviously Battlefronts were going to take a hit.

    But next week The Outdoor Room returns and, as many predict, Kath & Kim should lose a significant part of their audience. I wonder if they factored any of this in when making their decision?

  6. The problem (other than the recycled format), is that the ‘contestants’ on shows like this are always ‘doing it tough’ because of illness or whatever. Fair enough, but what about average Joe??? We would all like a reno too, or at least ideas on how to DIY that doesn’t cost thousands on plants and equipment.

  7. the problem with battlefronts is that it isnt “blue sky tv”…… the family arent a major part of the story…….. domestic blitz does so well because it makes u get emotional…… the people receiving the makeovers is worthy……… in battlefronts there is none of that……….. and also another reason is, why does anyone want their front yard to be renovated…. On one of the episodes they put a BBQ out the front….. as rove would say “WHAT THE!!”

  8. I never watched it but maybe they’ll burn off the remaining eps over the summer.

    This year has had more than the average number of shows axed, moved or ‘rested’ This is another reason to HATE network TV, drop the ratings for a week and you’re gone! I would hate network TV to get mini series like John Adams or shows like Satisfaction ’cause you just know they would not last more than a week, look at what happened to Rome on ch9 a few years back!

    I’m still waiting on the final 2 eps of Canal Road (which ch9 called “The Next Great Australian Drama”) and refuse to by the DVD.

  9. WHAT?! – I absolutely loved this show, and I for one thought this was far different from Domestic Blitz or Backyard Blitz, as it was a competition between the teams as to who designed and made the ‘better’ or ‘best’ garden! A shame, maybe Nine could do as R said and bump it to Fridays as it would atleast (I would imagine) do better than Wipeout and Hole In The Wall!

    – Spunkymonkeycaesar

  10. ok yeah come to think of it what i said about the 300k was not all that accurate

    still i think 20-1 is a mistake this is one of ch9’s few shows that i watch and i think it has a nearing expiry date, not because it rates badly but because it runs out of ideas

  11. I found it to be too repetitive of earlier formats as Brisvegas indicated.

    Perhaps they should have mixed up the format a bit and done gardens outside of the larger cities or found a different presentation format.

    Viewes are not stupid – and the are becoming increasingly bored with cheap recycled formats.

  12. Jerome, 300K is the difference in axing a program and it being renewed for a new series. If 20 to 01 can get 1.0M in a 9.30 timeslot, it should do quite well get around 1.2M on Sunday 6.30, perhaps even better with a drop for K&K expected.

  13. i watched it on sunday for the first time, and 2 minutes in realised itfor what it was – a clone of domestic blitz / backyard blitz………people eventually get sick of watching the same stuff over and over and over again. It’s happened to Ramsey, attenbonough, now this…….next up will be 2.5 men courtesy of the force-feeding.

  14. never watched this show but now channel nine is the 2.5 men / CSI / 20 To 1 network

    857 is not that bad to ax is so suddenly, they could have waited atleast till next week after some people had left K&K and there was no crisis special

    and why axe? atleast push it to a different timeslot, other shows eg. Fringe, strip, god forbid an ep of 2.5 men should have gone/bumped first

    whats to say 20-1 will do much better it only really goes well if it has a good topic. last weeks movie scenes was good and it only got just over a mil (1.016) in a better slot it will prob do a max of 1.2.

    is this worth an extra 300k (about)

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