Gone: Prison Break. Bumped: Heroes

Wentworth Miller’s Prison Break is the latest casualty of network programmers with Seven removing it from the schedule until summer. Earlier this month Nine did the same thing to Fringe.

The drama attracted 427,000 viewers last night, which was actually up from 389,000 the week before. Seven lost the night to the Nine Network.

But Seven has had problems with Heroes, netting a disappointing 624,000, dropping from The Amazing Race’s 902,000. It was beaten by RPA’s 1.02m and a repeat of Law & Order: SVU on 930,000.

Race was #1 in key demographics 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54. Heroes is also shaky in the US, down 20% on its season premiere and hitting an all-time low of 4.9 rating / 7 share.

Heroes moves back to 10:30pm from next Thursday November 6th, with Bones to move into 9:30pm with the episode “The Pain in the Heart.”

Plans for Scrubs to move to 10:30pm are now out, with it staying put at 11:30pm.

The under-performance of Prison Break‘s fourth season follows the fate of Ugly Betty’s third season, both hailed as network darlings in recent years only to be shafted to summer.

Seven advises Prison Break will return to a 10:30pm timeslot across summer, beginning in the week of November 23rd (final week of ratings).

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  1. If Channel 7 stopped messing around with the timing of Prison Break then they may get better ratings – they can’t expect people to wait around all night for it to start only to find out it isn’t even on! You shouldn’t have to check the TV guide every week to check whether a series is on or not – it’s a series guys! I don’t recall seeing the latest season even being advertised. Way to go Channel 7 – you certainly know how to put people off watching a series………

  2. Lost & Prison break are both tv shows that need consistency to keep their ratings but they get pushed from pillar to post.

    I know that with commercial television we have to remember that the viewer is the product and that advertisers are the customers but if you don’t deliver the product by shifting the products favourite shows around you will lose the customers.

    I make a point of not watching any new shows on Channel Ten because they axe them too regularly before they get a chance to establish or worse put the second season on at about 4 AM if at all. This means that eventually I won’t watch Channel Ten at all. Seven is starting to go the same way with me.

    So back to my original point, both Prison break and lost should be moved back to their original 9:30 Wednesday and Thursday timeslots to avoid confusion and promoted better.

  3. No wonder people get sick of TV. Firstly Nine booted Fringe, now Seven give Prison Break the nudge.
    Lets just turn off TV and make it all reality rubbish. Seven has been running Make Me ………………. etc all bloody year.
    Give us some proper programming

  4. Hi, I’m from New Zealand, and Australia are so delayed when it comes to playing tv shows!! Prison break is an awesome show and i can’t believe they’ve taken it off the screens.
    And what’s with this fast track bullsh*t??? Everything is said to be fast tracked from the US, but yet NZ are playing it waaaay before Australia? How does that work?????

    Channel 7, if your going to take something off the screens, warn us beforehand!!
    Channel 10 did it with 90210. Not impressed!!!

    Bring Back Prison Break!

  5. What th hell?!?!?
    Here I am waiting for Prison brek to start and cannot find it anywhere!!!
    No word, no notice, no Sorry about that…Just Tough luck sucker. Its gone deal with it.
    A bit rude by my book…..
    And what is with Scrubs being on so late? And they wonder why good shows get no ratings….

  6. Prison Break is my absolute favourite show and I am really upset with the way the networks can chop and change their programming from week to week. At least it is back on again in a few weeks although the 10.30pm time slot sucks.

  7. channel 7 i just want to fire Kerry Stokes (if possible) and tell her to stop change the fing times ever time you get used to watching a show u change the fing time and i miss it now i have to change my plans because u grrrrrrrrrrr/angry/hateu

  8. Channel 7 needs to get their act together re programming of shows. Swapping and changing times for shows doesn’t make a great deal of sense. People get used to watching thier favourite shows at a particulat time. The only reason I watch Channel 7 is for Prisonbreak, All Saints, and Dancing with the Stars. All other viewing they put on is crap Time slots or each show change erratically. Why can’t you be consistant . N o wonder the ratings are dropping the quality of shows currently showing is very poor. They even managed to stuff up their coverage of The Australian Open Tennis this year. Most people would rather see the best players in the world play no some lowly ranked Aussie playing on an outside court

  9. This really sux!!! I am sickof getting into a TV series like Lost and Prisonbreak only to find they get put on later timewise and then to get the chop halfway through.Channel 7 get your shit together!!!! You are starting to lose viewers because of this.

  10. These networks suck! I’ve had it with all there rescheduling and cancelling of decent shows, and how the keep running shows over by 10 minutes so you can’t watch the other channel because you’ve missed the start of it. Thank god I have a set top box. Seven treats good shows like Lost, Prison Break and Arrested Development very poorly. Channel nine did the same with Fringe. Channel 10 annoys me with all their repeats that are supposedly new. Prison Break was just starting to get more interesting during this current season. Couldn’t they at least put it on the HD channel or something?

  11. Alison Jeffrey

    Prison Break Prison Break Prison Break Prison Break Prison Break Prison Break Prison Break Prison Break Prison Break Prison Break Prison Break Prison Break Prison Break Prison Break Prison Break Prison Break

  12. Alison Jeffrey

    I cant believe they have taken off Prison Break the series keeps getting better and better i would stay up til 10.30pm after moving it to this late spot Every thursday and now channel 7 take it off this is riduculos I will never get in to another show because they just go and take it off just like Fringe, Ugly Betty and 90210(channel 10) Channel 7 you suck!!!!!!!! Bring back Wentworth!!!!

  13. Oh dear, they still haven’t learned to give more warning before chopping and changing shows. Wait a week if they must (but they shouldn’t change these shows around). How hard is it to do that?

  14. Pete, I know. Been keeping my eye on this. The change came thru late on Friday. Most guides get their changes via one source: Pagemasters, but I would have thought it be fixed by now.

    Update: Seven’s own website now indicates Heroes at 10:30pm and Prison Break “returns very soon.”

    But the Guide isn’t yet updated…

  15. It happens all the time these days, it isn’t the newspaper’s fault. Sites like this get quite a boost when this happens. You should have seen the comments flood in on the first Wednesday Fringe was gone……

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