Good news for The Mentalist, Entourage

CBS orders extra episodes of The Mentalist and Entourage wins a 6th season.

CBS has ordered six additional scripts for The Mentalist, just shy of the nine that would give it a full season.

In its first two outings in the US, the show has won its time slot with an average of 15.4 million viewers.

On the back of the NRL Grand Final on Sunday night Nine managed a good 1.33m viewers, and gives the show a repeat outing on Wednesday night.

Along with Fringe and 90210 winning full seasons, this puts Aussie network choices in good stead -despite 90210 being bumped until summer.

Meanwhile HBO has renewed Entourage for its sixth season.

“We’re thrilled to be back for another season,” creator Doug Ellin said. “HBO has been amazing in allowing the show to grow and mature. I never imagined when we started that we would make it to six seasons.”

Production is expected to begin early next year.

Source: EW.com, Eonline

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  1. Yeah, like everyone else is wondering – when is Arena going to show season 5 of Entourage? It’ll be finished in the US before it even start here locally. I’m really upset since everyone else I know just pirates the show, and I really love the show and try to support it by waiting for Arena and buying the DVDs etc. I’m doing the right thing, yet I’m being punished while all my workmates gets to talk about season 5 that I’m waiting for. It sucks.

  2. I swear entourage coming back for a 6th season was announced before the current season aired. Great show.

    I enjoyed the mentalist and the gimmick was quite good. Not the sort of show i’d expect to watch but i will tune in again.

    Fringe is good also!

  3. loved it… that and rush are must watch tv for me.

    this is even more incredible for me because i havent had ‘must watch’ tv since the aussie heydays of blueheelers and allsaints. I kid you not !!

  4. Really enjoying The Mentalist and Fringe … even 90210 is worth watching … (hate Entourage!) … hope they get treated decently here in Aus … though 90210 has already been shafted by the idiots incharge! …

  5. WOO Entourage makes another season – now that is exciting news – I love Entourage so much.

    I missed the mentalist sunday thankfully there is a repeat, first time I’ve ever been grateful for one it seems. Missed in on Sunday due to DST EPG stuff ups

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