Irish eyes smile for Home & Away

Ireland fosters Home and Away for five more years.

Irish public broadcaster RTE has renewed a deal with distributor Southern Star to retain Home and Away for another five years.

The Seven soap has enjoyed an uninterrupted 20-year run in its weekday schedule. “We were the very first broadcaster in the Northern Hemisphere to show Home and Away and it continues to be our most popular daily show on RTE2,” says RTE’s Dermot Horan.

The deal also includes picking up rights to other Aussie shows including Hi-5 and Packed to the Rafters.

“The sheer range of the Southern Star catalogue, from the best of Australian drama and factual programming to top-end ITV and BBC dramas and excellent natural history and children’s programming, makes it a perfect fit with RTE’s mixed-genre channels,” he said.

Source: C21

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  1. hi all, irish girl here, absolutely hooked on home and away. This got me thinking, we actually have a lot of australian tv over here, neighbours has been on for years, blue heelers is on late at night, heartbreak high used to be on and i’m sure there are lots more i can’t think of!

    Just some Aussie/irish tv trivia for you all!

  2. i think packed to the rafters can do well overseas especially europe (they just seen like the type of people that would appreciate it. )

    i understand that the australinness of it is big but the great storylines and characters can compensate.

    hope other countries follow suit if it goes well, give countries an alternative to american rubbish

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