It’ll be all Matt White on the night

It’s now White. ‘Matt’ White.

Tonight, Matt White presents Today Tonight.

It’s not alright to call him ‘Matthew White’, following a belated re-write to ‘Matt’, got that right?

No doubt the overwrite is to make Matt seem more of a delight.

So don’t be impolite, and use your eyesight. ‘Matthew’ is now finite and ‘Matt’ is here to excite.


  1. Seems the memo didn’t make it to Channel 7 news in Melbourne in time – Peter Mitchell refer to him as Matthew White at the end of the bulletin…

  2. Very good David.

    But as with Richard H’s curt comment, Today Tonight will most likely still be, er, “shite”. White’s hosting will make no difference to the dubious quality of TT’s stories. After all, TT has a bit of a reputation to have formerly “clean cut” news presenters wallow in controversy and disgrace. Poor Matthew. And poor Anna Koran, I mean, “Coren”, too.

  3. On a serious note, if Seven is trying in anyway to make TT more serious now that Coren is gone and he is hosting, shortening his name from Matthew to Matt is not a good start. I will watch TT tonight just to see how he goes. I hope he doesn’t fall into the Anna Coren curse and take a slaptastic turn for the worst. We need someone serious for at least one of the 6:30 current affairs shows. Seven chose Matthew over Samantha Armitage, now make the most of the decision to let a man host it.

  4. I have just watched Matthew “Matt” White host and commentate the Bathurst 1000 for five hours on Saturday and for eleven hours on Sunday. He did an remarkable job and was he was clearly in his element. I really hope that hosting this joke of a current affairs program doesn’t affect his career to dramatically. I am still at a loss as to why he put his hand for this role in the first place.

  5. Matthew White, Matt White it doesn’t really matter what he calls himself- watching Today Tonight will still be akin to watching paint dry whichever talking head is introducing the latest neighbourhood dispute from West Bogan Heights.

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