“Joe six pack and hockey moms”

She came from Alaska, she winked at the camera, and she talked the talk to Americans at "their kitchen table."

She came from Alaska and stared down the barrel of the camera to her audience, but Sarah Palin proved a brash communicator in today’s Vice Presidential Debate, showing why she has attracted such media in the US.

Governor Palin addressed her message to “Joe six pack and hockey moms.” She even winked -twice.  She mentioned Alaska so many times you could have thought she was running for Alaska.

But she looked a lot fresher than the greying Joe Biden Jr., whose media skills didn’t seem quite so adept. Palin even managed to come up with firm answers to a cross section of subjects including the financial meltdown, tax, energy, same sex marriage, and wars, several of them.

In capturing local voter frustration, she said people were crying, “Government just get out of my way” and that her Palin / McCain ticket was the answer.

“We’re gonna fight for America,” she added, and she echoed Ronald Reagan and a call to fight for freedom.

When it came to Iraq and Afghanistan, Palin leaned on her running mate, war hero John McCain.

“He knows what evil is,” she said. “He’ll know how to win a war.” She also spoke of leaving Iraq with “victory” close at hand.

Palin had plenty of sound bites that packaged her as a woman of the people.

In contrast, Biden initially traded off his experience but later tried to match her with her everyman talk, inviting her to see how tough the locals were doing it, “come up to Scranton” he said. Borrowing Palin’s descriptive language, he said he understood what it’s like to sit around the kitchen table too, “lookin’ for help.”

Compared to the Obama v McCain debate this event was far more interesting.

By the end of the 90 mins, it was hard not to see Palin as the winner for her charisma …..but will America let her anywhere near the oval office?

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  1. Beretbang, I’m glad David posted this. Thankyou, David, for posting this story about the candidates’ debate for American Vice-Presidency. I for one am very interested in the American election, and by the amount of comments posted here it seems that other people are interested (some more amused LOL) by it and Sarah Palin’s involvement.

    It’s very relevant to world politics, therefore appearing regularly in Australian media and TV. Isn’t TV Tonight about providing news/commentary/coverage about what’s on TV? And this is on TV, is it not?

  2. Insight and Foreign Correspondent

    SO if those political/world news shows have a piece on the elections, then TV Tonight can because its about Tv as well. LMAO!!!!

    Don’t make the mistake of going outside your area, your getting hits, but don’t let it go to your head, stick to what ya know.

    Global Political events should be covered by, political/world news shows.

    Tvtonight should stick to telling us what bert is doing and how Channel Nine and Seven hate each other, not putting up political peices clearly showing bias simply because your a fan of Tina Fey???
    It’s a little sad, you sound like a 15 year old Paris fan, your willing to push your favorite actress’s/comedians/writers political POV’ and yell out “Tina Fey is Faaabulous” just so you can say how great she is?

    Its embarrassing…..

  3. I will admit, I support Obama, and when I flicked on the debate i was actually disappointed that she seemed to be doing well. However it didn’t take long until I saw her giving vague references to the question that answered nothing, then go in to talking points that were absolutely in no related to the question.

    Yeah Palin seems quite likeable, but there was really very little substance there. Where as Joe Biden was constantly actually talking about specifics, bringing up references and details and history and so forth. He actually knew what he was talking about. Palin waffeled and was just relying on charm.

    I understand if palin seemed more likable, but s**t she lacked specifics and just waffled and honestly, besides some specifics she was obviously taught in her preparation, I think most people with even a general knowledge of things could have replied as well. She just had a charming delivery. at first.. although… it got really frustrating with her “folksy” way of talking.

    Heck she referred to the taliban as the “talibany” for instance.

    I honestly think she appeals to the anti-intellectual. She talkis like a normal person with a slightly above average knowledge, but still so vague. You need people will intelligence and knowledge in my opinion.

  4. She didn’t lose the debate, but I definitely don’t think you can say she won. I thought she was somewhat insulting. I’m not sure Joe Sixpack, on the verge of losing his job and his mortgage, really appreciates being winked at.

    She didn’t have any major stuff ups, but her responses seemed VERY rehearsed. And even then they weren’t substantive. Her education policy was basically her giving a shout out to some third grade elementary class. Um, great?

    All I could hear her saying was ‘vote for me, I’ve got folksy charm’. Fingers crossed that Americans will decide they need more, especially in this troubled climate.

    P.S. she wins for most use of the word ‘maverick’ though. That was ridiculous. I loved it when Biden finally attacked her on it.

  5. A Wasilla hockey mom as President of the United States … yep, I can see it definitely happening. Heck, they voted for Bush twice. Americans love a simpleton … someone they can understand

  6. She refers to Alaska SO MANY times – why doesn’t she go back there and not run for VP? I hate how she didn’t answer the questions properly – she’s even worse in interviews!

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