Kerri-Anne visits Ellen

Kerri-Anne Kennerley was in the US this week leaving her show to be hosted by Jamie Malcolm and Jaynie Seal.

The KAKster recorded interviews with John Travolta to air on Monday and Olivia Newton-John which airs next Friday.

While she was there she also visited the set of Days of Our Lives to air the following week.

And look who had a visit to Ellen.

You can see her dressed in white to the right of frame in the top picture, grooving to the daily Ellen dance. As a member of the audience, she’ll even score a Windows Mobile and (ironically) season 2 of Heroes on DVD.


  1. Change a day to wenesday please with ellen and portia good day for me
    I am really tell ellen i am biggest fan her show is true you leaving the show next year not far mary show or oprah show i will miss you ellen and portia came back on tv make everybody happy and me write back from aimee mason

  2. KAK really needs to stop with the extremely sexist remarks and needs to tone down her resentment for men around her own age.
    Also all you media and TV people should stop going ga-ga over the US so much, it really makes you all look quite the talentless…

  3. Wow.. I’m sure the waiting list for that show is years! They even have people who turn up but don’t get in sit in another room but somehow KAK got herself in and in good seats (front row?)! *rolls eyes*

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