Key cast announced for ‘Underbelly 2’

Channel Nine has officially announced key cast members for its Underbelly prequel, to be subtitled “A Tale of Two Cities.”

As expected the series will take place before the first series, during an era of illegal drugs becoming the centre of gang warfare in Sydney.

With filming to take place in regional New South Wales, Sydney and Melbourne, at the heart of the story is crime boss Robert Trimbole, to be played by Roy Billing -who currently appears on Packed to the Rafters as the boss of Rebecca Gibney (pictured).

Matthew Newton will play Terry “Mr. Asia” Clark, while Andrew McFarlane plays anti-drugs campaigner Donald McKay and Peter O’Brien is to portray George Freeman.

“Nine is thrilled to be bringing Underbelly- A Tale of Two Cities to the small screen in 2009,” said Nine Drama Exec Jo Horsburgh. “Scripts and casting are well underway and the series is proving to be as rich and exciting as the first series. I think the audience will love it.”

The series will film in Sydney and Melbourne from now until March 2009.

Press Release:

The Nine Network and Screentime today announced production of the second series of their controversial Australian drama series, UNDERBELLY – A TALE OF TWO CITIES.

UNDERBELLY – A TALE OF TWO CITIES follows the Australian criminal landscape that changed forever in the mid 1970s when the illegal drug industry took hold. In the decade between ’76 and ‘86 the marijuana and heroin business expanded exponentially. Crooks with enough nerve, brains and imagination stood to make millions. Two of the biggest crooks of all were “Aussie Bob” Trimbole and Terry “Mr Asia” Clark. This is their story.

This is also the story of the nascent Federal Police, their efforts to understand the nature and extent of organised crime in Australia, and their fight against the pernicious heroin trade.

Key cast for the production includes Roy Billing as Robert Trimbole; Andrew McFarlane as Donald Mackay; Matthew Newton as Terry Clark; Peter O’Brien as George Freeman with further cast and characters to be announced soon.

Head of Drama for the Nine Network, Jo Horsburgh, said, “Nine is thrilled to be bringing UNDERBELLY – A TALE OF TWO CITIES to the small screen in 2009. Scripts and casting are well underway and the series is proving to be as rich and exciting as the first series. I think the audience will love it”.

Executive Producer, Des Monaghan, said, “Screentime is very proud to be in partnership again with Nine. We are very excited about Underbelly – A Tale of Two Cities – which promises to be even bigger and better than the first series”.

The UNDERBELLY – A TALE OF TWO CITIES cast will be filming in Sydney and Melbourne from now until March 2009.


  1. donna lee turner [ Cornwell]

    I am Bruce Cornwells {snapper] ex wife and saw the comment about Maddison Bruce’s Daughter and to ur question ……. Bruce is very much alive and is in silverwater prision, Thanks Donna Turner

  2. Maddison, I would like to contact you as Bruce Cornwell was and old friend of mine and I shered a flat with him many years ago when he played football for The Entrance. Is he still alive ?

  3. didn’t really like underbelly series 2 but thought newton was awesome as terry clark. you others must be on drugs or some self-righteous crusade because he was a terrific actor in this role. i don’t care about the girlfriend stuff i’m not one to judge from what i read or hear in the media but i can see a performance in front of me and that is something i’m willing to judge-it was bloody good.

  4. Richard Bruce ‘snapper’ Cornwell is my father…
    Is he in this? i dont watch it, but they haven’t let him know if he is….
    I am not lying.

  5. Fantastic, love it matt you have and are doing a fantastic job, tim my old mate, best role i have seen you in ever. will have a beer and shake your hand in the mountains, and don’t worry the guy that was shot, wasn’t really your brother, only an actor, lol, and kate ritchie still is sally living with crimes, good attempte cast type crash

  6. SkooLofHardKnox

    in my opinion he is not a brilliant actor, and as to the separate matter of his assault charges towards brooke satchwell he pleaded guilty and then had the charges over turned, can any please explain that?

  7. from my previous observations of the original series, there is not much in common from the first series and the so called “a tale of two cities” ………mathew newton capabilities are very poor from my opinion and does not serve the true story justice…..infact i can already see that “a tale of two cities” is just channel 9 exploiting real underworld history

  8. Russel Blackwell

    Mathew Newton has and always will be a tool, if it wasnt for his father Bert he would probably be a no-body, cant act for shit,
    that alone speaks for itself as for the Underbelly 2 , some very very ordinary actors
    like Kate Richie a decade or so Home and Away and her acting as most of the cast from Home and Away very ordinary at the best of times and this series look like its full of has beens face it if Newton can get a part anythings possible..give it a miss

  9. hi there my uncle was one of terry clarks drug dealers and if anyone could help i would really appreciate it, will this show be available in NZ? if so would you know when?

  10. the first series was exceptional, 9 will push the boundaries to do so well this time, the original series should have been a

    ‘short , sharp punch in the guts and leave u you thinking , oh my god how great’,

    yet 9 again almost wrecked it by dragging it out and flogging endless ads during and about it, its great production and actors made sure it got what it rightly deserved ,
    in my opinion newton seems to be able to midly act, sadly i see his annoying fathers stupid face every time i look at him though.

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