King of the Hill to end

FOX lets out the propane gas and brings the Daniels / Judge animation to an end.

The FOX network has decided animated comedy King of the Hill will not proceed beyond its current 13th season.

But the news is no big surprise given Greg Daniels and Mike Judge have moved on to other projects, and FOX is developing new animated comedies, including one based on Aussie sitcom Sit Down Shut Up.

Daniels is behind The Office, while Judge has The Goode Family, launching on ABC in midseason.

The Texas-based series which began life in 1997 was voiced by Judge, Kathy Najimy, Pamela Adlon, Brittany Murphy, Tom Petty, Toby Huss, Johnny Hardwick and Stephen Root.

US viewers will still see original episodes for some time, however. Because of erratic episodic orders in recent years the show’s production cycles don’t coincide with the traditional TV season. Episodes airing right now are actually from the show’s 12th cycle.

Meanwhile Mitch Hurwitz’s adaptation of Sit Down, Shut Up, now titled Class Dismissed, and the Family Guy spinoff The Cleveland Show will air mid-season.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Variety

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  1. The great thing about King of the Hill is the two characters that feature in it, Boomhauer. Every time I hear him speak, I found myself laughing. I also liked Kahn. Another thing I like about the show was the quotes when Deedle Dee Productions was displayed on the screen.

  2. Sad…incredibly underrated show. My DVD collection remains incomplete with Fox canceling the releases after season 6.

    The funny thing is that it still rates very well in the US, the latest season currently screening no exception.

  3. *heart breaks* This is awful. King of the Hill is easily one of my favourite TV shows of all time, and is easily among the best animated series ever made. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but the show is so dreadfully underrated, that a lot of people either don’t know it exists, or would prefer to watch a cartoon which is completely devoid of subtlety or character development.

    Sure, the last few seasons of KotH have been quite mediocre and lacking in the humour/satire that the series was so good at during its peak, but I still look forward to seeing a new KotH every week as I’ve come to accept that the show will never be as it once was. But that’s okay. It doesn’t detract from the hilarity of the first 8 seasons.

    *sniffs* As long as the show is given a proper send off, and the rest of the seasons are released on DVD, I won’t be bitter. But that doesn’t seem likely at this point in time since FOX evidently doesn’t give a shit about this show.

    I just hope that this series attracts the following that it so sorely deserves.

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