Lifestyle cleans up with Lush House

The LifeStyle Channel has 10 x 30 episodes of Lush House, a show offering viewers tips on cleaning their homes in an eco-friendly way.

The series stars radio personality and author Shannon Lush, an expert on non-toxic cleaning methods whose book Spotless, sold more than half a million copies have been sold in Australia, followed by a sequel, Speedcleaning.

Sonja Armstrong, executive producer at Essential Media and Entertainment, said: “This is a particularly relevant time for Lush House to be coming to the screen. With the downturn in the global economy, property owners are once more starting to see their houses as homes rather than investments.”

Source: C21


  1. I think your show is graaaaaaaaat!!! but can you please exzplain, the different white spirits, metho & turps!!!!!! I’ve bought all your books, but for some reason it won”t stay in my brain. helllllp please

  2. can you tell me how to keep annts pot of the kitchen wothout killing them ?????
    love te show …so simple ….most of us just pick up the nearest cleaning porduct in the supermarket without even considering its contence or a natural alternative …keep up the good work x

  3. Priscilla Ishak

    Love the show, have watched every episode so far, but did not write down the tip about what solution to apply to flaking chipboard. Could you help me here please.

  4. Peter Nichols

    Dear Shannon,

    On one of your shows you showed a mixture that you reccomended for stopping an irratation on my dogs back, mainly on the top at the rear end.
    Hope you can help me.

    Many thanks.

    Peter Nichols.

  5. Love the show. Practical, pleasant & informative. Shannon is tactful & terrific & someone we can all relate to. Need to download each weeks sheet so as not to miss the helpful hints she give. Good luck – we shall keep watching.

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