Marital journey ends for Ricki-Lee

Australian Idol co-host and graduate Ricki-Lee Coulter announced the end of her one year marriage to husband Jamie Babington.

A joint statement released by Coulter’s publicist cited “distance and time apart” for the split.

“However the split is of an amicable nature and both Ricki-Lee and Jamie will remain close friends after seven years together,” the statement said.

Last week 22yo Coulter won the ‘Fave Singer’ award at the Kids Choice Awards and will be a presenter at tomorrow night’s ARIA Awards.

As well as joining the Idol team this year, Coulter has a new single ‘Wiggle It.’



  1. Oh dear another womans magazine gonna pick up this story of sad spilt,money paid out for a story we have all heard before.No one cares,if u like the girls music fair enough but why we have to know every detail of there private lives.

  2. I agree with David. As much as I have issues with the age difference when they first got together (it’s completely irrelevant now, of course), it’s clear that there are a lot of factors that we don’t know about (and never will). It must have been extremely tough on both of them living and working in different cities, and with Ricki-Lee being busier than ever now with her hosting role on AI, they would have had some very tough decisions to make. It’s probably no coincidence that, like Madonna and Guy Ritchie, the split happened while they were separated due to major work commitments. Very sad.

  3. Its sad that people would rather split up than work through marital difficulties. Can’t believe splitting a year after the wedding. Its a disgraceful attitude to want to give up rather than try harder.

  4. I don’t like hearing gossip either, which is why I’m glad you usually don’t post it. I used to watch ET a lot but they used to show a lot more about movies and TV shows. Now it’s all Brad and Angelina, Britney Spears and whoever else they decide is news worthy. It’s really tiring.

  5. If they’ve been together for 7 years and their reported ages are correct, then she was 15 and he was 23 when they started going out. What 23 year old man is interested in a 15 year old school girl?!

  6. Who dates who is not normally something I cover, unless, as in the case of The Strip, co-stars are reported to be dating, as it can sometimes reverberate either on screen or as to how it affects continuing roles etc. In this case there was a statement from a publicist so it’s on the public record.

  7. Ricki-Lee was 18 when she was on Idol. Showed a lot of talent at a young age. As for why people care about this, I would say it’s due tot he fact she talked about her wedding/marriage a lot in the press, on Rove etc. which probably didn’t help.

  8. I’m not surprised at all this has happened……Ricki-Lee has been so busy this year with Idol, It Takes Two and countless other media appearances, while Jamie has been busy with……whatever it is he does.

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