Molly Shannon overlooks Jane & Gina

On Friday Molly Shannon appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Screening on NBC it was obviously a good chance to plug Kath and Kim which premieres this week in the US.

Shannon appeared on two segments of the chat show, and the plug was slipped in with a clip just before the finished. It totalled about 90 seconds.

But wait till you hear what she had to say….

“I have a new TV show starring with the lovely Selma Blair. It’s created by a super, super talented writer Michelle Nader, she is a female force of talent.”

What the?

For shame Molly ….it is adapted by Michelle Nader who was did the early work on the US translation before moving on.

As Nader has even stated herself, “I’m not doing that show.”

To be so quick to overlook the show’s Australian roots (not to mention its true creators) is disappointing given NBC ads have plugged it as “Australia’s #1 show” and the critics are all over the local comparisons.

“I’m just so proud to be associated with this comedy it also stars John Michael Higgins, Mikey Day and it’s just a wonderful comedy,” said Molly Shannon.

The Leno episode airs on Monday on the Comedy Channel.


  1. Meh, she’s probably interacted with Nader more than Reilly and Turner (who have some b.s. “consulting producer” credit anyway) anyway, hence the statement. As I don’t particularly like the Aussie K&K anyway, my national pride is undented.

  2. “Australia’s Number 1 show!”

    I’m pretty sure the Number 1 show in Australia is Double the Fist….and they have the AFI to prove it!!

  3. knoxoverstreet

    How this show rated 2m is a mystery that can only be solved by an alien race with far greater intelligence then ours.
    Hopefully one day we can get to the bottom of this conundrum.

  4. maybe it’s a change of tact for the promotion of the show? the reviews have all been critical when comparing it – so maybe the promo machine is now telling them to make it sound more original?

    bad form though…

  5. In response to Craig’s question as to why Leno isn’t in widescreen here on Foxtel, some Fox channels don’t air any programs in widescreen, the Comedy Channel is one of them.

    In the back of the Foxtel magazine, where all the packages are listed, the channels that broadcast in widescreen have the widescreen symbol under their logo.

  6. “I’m not doing that show.”
    I haven’t seen any clips but I’m betting that apart from the general idea and names the show really isn’t anything like the Australian original. I don’t see this as a big deal.

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