Nine buys UK’s Border Force

Nine has picked up the rights to British factual series, Border Force which is currently winning high ratings on UK network Sky One.

The 8 part one hour series looks at levels of patrol across Britain’s borders, following the work of the newly created Borders and Immigration Agency and its team of Immigration Officers.

Recently, Customs has been added to the Agency, to create one unified border force tackling both immigration and contraband.

The series is produced by Steadfast International.

Nah…. show like that will never catch on……

Source: C21


  1. knoxoverstreet

    More likely Nine will put it in prime time to start with if it flops then move it. And I think rubbish is a tad’s not my cuppa tea but there’s much worse then these types of factual shows.

  2. Get rid of this crap!! Why would anyone want to watch such a load of racist turd like this?! 10:30pm would not be late enough!! More like 3am, if this crap even has to be shown at all. If people are actually demented enough to judge ethnic groups based on these few individuals with poor English who smuggle drugs and vegetables every week, then they must be very ignorant/stupid. Its racist propaganda like this that helps fuel bigotry and racism towards minorities. In real-life, its the exact opposite, nowadays Aus, UK, etc are multicultural nations with many different citizens of different ethnic backgrounds. But shows like this help fuel division and paranoia between races. But the worst thing is the crappy local version of this show is frequently one of the highest rating shows of the week, and it has been that way for years. That’s disgusting.

  3. Guys nobody is suggesting this is a prime time acquisition. Could well be a 10:30 filler.

    All the networks have dabbled in rubbish at one time or another. Bad boys, bad boys, watchya gonna doooo….?

  4. So it’s called “Border Force” – well surely it’s certain to be hit since two of the top-rating factual shows are BORDER Security and The FORCE – Behind the Line.

    But that still doesn’t change the fact that it’s a factual show… pass!

  5. you realise this show was part paid for by UK government,? the whole show is a PR stunt by NewLabour.

    Still hopefully the sale to 9 means we get some of that waste of money back.

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