Now it’s a CSI: NY double

Blame the US election, now The Mentalist pauses for a double ep of CSI: NY.

UPDATED: Nine now advises a movie to replace both CSIs, “Must Love Dogs”. Both CSIs now out, guys….

FURTHER UPDATE: Now it’s The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

Nine will air two CSI: New York episodes on Wednesday November 5th at 8:30 and 9:30pm. That pushes out The Mentalist for the night.

The double ep is a result of the US election on November 4 with no episode of The Mentalist airing in America. Similarly TEN has no episode of House for the night, playing double eps of Life.

For Nine it means in a matter of weeks the 8:30pm Wednesday slot will have had Fringe, The Mentalist and CSI: New York.

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  1. True, Fraggle. And forget about looking to those seven-day printed TV guides in the newspapers (although they now are actually “guides” rather than an accurate representation of what’s going to be on).

  2. Well Channel 9 sure likes to move their shows around. Underbelly was the only show that worked. I didnt even watch it coz it didnt appeal, but Mcelaods, Fringe, Gordon Ramsay and Canal Road have all been shafted. It is intersting to note that The Strip a huge flop on Channel 9 8.30 Thurs gets to saty for weeks when Canal Road, was dropped at 9.30 with higher figures… go figure. and where is CSI now going to go… I am always annoyed at Nine’s programming.

  3. Tim sunned it up nicely and I quote

    “Smart move 9.

    No wonder your getting your ass kicked, when you move a show for a week, only to then take a week off. Thatโ€™s a great way to build an audience”

    You stuffed up viewers who thought Mentalist would be nice offering on Sunday nights, then you move it to Weds then you drop it for a week…

    Notice the nice flow here.

    Chopping and changing every week makes Nine look like network run by pre schoolers. BUT even the 3-5 year olds know that 1 follows 2 follows 3 follows 4 and on it goes..

    As an viewing audience we can be thankful NIne does not programme the days of the week OR months of the year…

  4. I heard rumours that Fringe was returning on that week with CSI: NY after it. Probably some last glimmers of hope from alienated fans.

    How to Lose Friends and Alienate People? Cancel Fringe, or any goos show in general.

    *cough* Channel Nine and Network TEN I’m looking distastefully at you. *cough*

  5. IMO the networks need to do more to inform viewer and win their trust again, if a show has a break in the US let the viewers know, we are not dumb if they are up to date we can’t blame them for airing a show that has no new eps. If they just replace it then how do we know what is happening?

  6. the fact that US networks show 22 eps of a show overr 38 weeks from (Sept – May) is the biggest problem with fast tracking shows in this country, we are used to seeing 22 eps of show (more or less) from start to finish from Feb – July at the begining of our ratings season, fast tracking the shows, especially news ones, doesnt allow the shows to gain any traction.

  7. Double episode of Life?!! Superb! And on my birthday, too. Aww, thanks Ten ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best news I’ve heard about FTA for… well, for forever. This’ll get Ten’s airing to being only 2 weeks behind the US.

    One of the best shows on TV at the moment, that one.

  8. Smart move 9.

    No wonder your getting your ass kicked, when you move a show for a week, only to then take a week off. That’s a great way to build an audience.

    It’s a good thing I’m not that into the mentalist like i am fringe (which i am forced into downloading each week).

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