Now that’s seriously fasttracking…

While some argue the definition of fasttracking, and TEN’s “seriously fasttracking,” there would be few who would deny same day airing falls within the boundaries.

But that’s just what we’ll soon be getting with House.

In the US the show is about to take a week off on FOX after only three weeks back. That means no episode today, and giving us time to catch up with American viewers. Not that we were particularly behind to begin with…

The episode “Birthmarks” airs next Tuesday October 14th  in America -that’s around midday Wednesday in Australia.

TEN will air it later that night.

This isn’t the first time one of our networks has done this, but nevetheless, that is indeed seriously fast…


  1. I doubt they would muck around with house’s schedule, it has worked for them for so long, and 800,000+ is better than what some other shows they have are getting.

  2. That’s why people shouldn’t worry if a show premieres 1 or 2 weeks after the US, there will always be breaks and time to catch up. I still recon fast tracking is anything from the new US season that premiers this ratings year. Remember not that long ago we had to wait at least till Feb. Days of our Lives is 10 months behind, so a couple of weeks or even months is nothing. There’s still heaps on our tv to keep me occupied.

  3. Craig, the week off wasn’t just to do with sport, it was to do with the Presidential Debate being on at the same time. That and they didn’t want to waste another episode pre-November sweeps.

    David, thanks for posting this since it answered the question I asked in the Bondi Rescue / Kenny post. Much appreciated.

  4. I just don’t believe that ten would get the show streamed to them or whatever just after it airs in the states and have to do a rush job captioning, promos etc. I still think the episode gets embargoed to 10 prior to its release – as they would rarely edit the episode overseas up to the minute it gets aired. Fox, i assume would provide captions and the episode, promo clips etc to international stations. Canada sometimes airs episodes BEFORE the states or at the same time, and i assume with captions and decent promos, so our networks should easily be able to obtain captions, promo materials, etc prior to it airing here.

  5. “seriously” fast tracking – with regards to house – personally, it doesnt matter – I’ve lost interest in the show due to 10’s previous mish-mashing of new episodes mixed with repeats. I lost interest in the show midway through the last season, and i’ve not bothered coming back to the show. I’d much rather spend my wednesdays watching abc. Great show? yes. Can I go back to it, given the way the network has treated it? God no.

  6. Next week Fox has Major League Baseball League Championships, which will decide the two teams competing in the World Series finals. That’s why House will take a break in the US. You can go to to check on the latest schedule.
    A 8 hour gap between US and Australian broadcasts means Ten will have its work cut out editing the episode and may have to rely on live captioning.

  7. While it’s brilliant for Channel 10 to “seriously fasttrack” “House”, I’ll quite happily keep downloading what I chose to watch.

    A single instance of an 8 hour gap between US and Australian broadcasts doesn’t, at least for me, make up for the years of contempt towards the viewer shown by the commercial networks in Australia.

  8. Prison break did exactly that last year, but because they ran late every week i think that is the reason the figures did not rise but dived. Assuming house runs on time like they should, the figures should rise.

  9. That’s what i’m talking about, props to 10 for doing this, i hope they keep it up, and people reward 10 for it (and save some of their download quota), i will definitely be watching it and taping fringe.

    I’m sure some people will still use one of the 2 (poor) remaining excuses for downloading.

    1) I don’t like ads why should i sit through ads if i don’t want to
    2) Its still not fast enough it should be aired at the same time as the US.

    I wonder which one will be the most popular.

  10. I know the week of is for Sport on Fox in the US, I guess if they take another break so will we. I just hope they don’t leave 1 or 2 eps hanging when we come out of the ratings period.

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