Oi, Kylie, you’re nicked!

A bad Kylie impersonator is collared by the boys of The Bill, while former Home & Away actor James Gordon-Mitchell will also appear soon.

Heads up for some interesting appearances in forthcoming episodes of The Bill.

In the second of this Saturday’s double header there’s a very dodgy Kylie Minogue impersonator singing “Can’t Get You Out of my Head” in a gay bar. She’s decked out in the complete white shroud outfit, which looks pretty funny when she runs down the street from the Sun Hill coppers.

Aptly, the episode is even titled “Lucky, Lucky, Lucky.”

And early next month there’s an appearance by former Home & Away actor James Gordon-Mitchell, who played “Jonah Abraham” in 2006. Of course it was Neighbours graduate Daniel MacPherson who landed an ongoing role in the Brit drama back in 2003.

James Gordon-Mitchell’s episode airs November 8.

Warning: Spoilers.

Saturday, October 18 at 8:30pm – Ep 595 – Endgame
After the death of their colleague PC Emma Keane, the Sun Hill team is dealing with another bomb threat, and they’re no closer to finding the bomber. DCI Jack Meadows and CO15’s DI Karen Lacy (Liz May Brice) now suspect it’s the work of one person – someone targeting ‘the four evils of the internet’, but the only other clue they have is a man with a motorbike helmet spotted on CCTV at several of the sites. As they desperately search for clues, DC Grace Dasari (Amita Dhiri) conducts an interview with the men targeted in the earlier incidents, in an effort to find a common link, but it’s not until they’ve left the station that they realise they have let the bomber go. As the other uniformed officers attend PC Keane’s funeral service, Sgt Stone excuses himself to help CID, but ends up putting his own life on the line…

Saturday, October 18 at 9:15pm – Ep 596 – Lucky Lucky Lucky
A grumpy DI Neil Manson (Andrew Lancel) returns to work after a sabbatical, determined to bring some discipline back to CID. As he and DC Stevie Moss (Lucy Speed) set off to investigate the apparent disappearance of a groom the day before his wedding, Stevie has a side bet with DS Stuart Turner (Doug Rao) on whether Neil will lighten up and tell her something personal during the day.

The police become concerned when they find the missing man, Mark Griffin’s (Nick Court) car workshop trashed and blood on the floor. Initially they suspect Joe (Connor Quilty), the young son of the maid of honour, because he thinks his mum was having an affair with Mark. Although Joe admits trashing the workshop, he strenuously denies doing Mark any harm. However, when CCTV footage reveals Mark pulling a badly injured man from his car late the night before, the investigation leads to a gay club, and the chase is on to capture Brett (Carl Mullaney), a Kylie Minogue impersonator…

The Bill will be repeated on ABC2 – Tuesday, October 21 at 9:20pm


Ep. 601 – New Blood – Saturday November 8 – 8:20PM
New recruits, PCs Leon Taylor (Dominic Power), Millie Brown (Clare Foster) and Arun Ghir (Abhin Galeya), arrive just as the Sun Hill team starts investigating a sophisticated bank robbery, where the thieves tunnelled in from below. Unfortunately for DC Jo Masters (Sally Rogers), valuable information was lost when she had earlier fobbed off a man claiming he was hearing voices under his house – a house they now see was right next to the bank. CID suspects that the robbery was the work of career criminal Colin Dempsey, but they have no idea where he might be hiding out…and now the tenant and from above has gone missing as well.

Ep. 602 – Landfill Killer – Saturday November 8 – 9:15PM
Guest starring Australian actor James Gordon-Mitchell (Home and Away). DI Neil Manson (Andrew Lancel) and DC Kezia Walker (Cat Simmons) investigate the murder of a woman whose body is found at a landfill site. Adel Jones was a prostitute, but she is also a girl with a lot of friends. Investigations lead to three suspects – Kyle Bosco (James Gordon-Mitchell – Home and Away), who was seen arguing with Adel on CCTV just hours before she died; Dave Richardson, a client who claims they had a fight but denies killing her; and Stan McNally (Patrick Regis), an artist Adel had recently become involved with. But all three have alibis.

When Adel’s long-lost brother, Alex (Benjamin Askew) enters the picture, new PC Mille Brown (Clare Foster) is there to comfort him. But when his DNA is found near the murder scene, the team believes a bitter family breakup might be the cause of her brutal murder?

Both episodes repeated ABC2 Tuesday November 11, at 8:30pm and 9:15pm

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