ONE HD bumps TEN HD into limbo

Fans asking about their favourite TEN HD shows are left in limbo as ONE HD takes over from April.

TEN’s “science fiction Thursday”, Neighbours catch-up, timeshifted News and documentaries on TEN HD could become a thing of the past with confirmation that there is no contingency plan announced alongside the launch of ONE HD.

TEN HD will continue on air until April when it is overtaken by TEN’s 24hr sports channel ONE HD. The current home of TEN HD, Channel 12, will broadcast the sports content in standard definition.

That leaves Smallville and other fan favourites in television limbo. Other shows including Torchwood, Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, One Tree Hill, Friday Night Lights and Monk have found a home on TEN HD after being snubbed by TEN’s analogue channel. While some will have concluded their run by April, a spokesperson could not confirm the future for shows that drop off analogue to TV Tonight.

“The reason we’ve gone with HD for ONE is because sport is something that is just so well suited to HD, because of the nature of the content,” said a spokesperson.

One of the current benefits of having the HD channel is to allow viewers to see favourite shows in high definition. Key shows including Australian Idol, Rove, Neighbours, Supernatural, NCIS, Rush, House, Life, 9AM with David and Kim, Oprah Winfrey and The Late Show with David Letterman can all be seen in high definition.

But the introduction of ONE HD viewers will see those programmes air in digital but not high definition.

The list of sports coming to ONE HD is not without some “jewels in the crown” but it doesnt mean TEN’s analogue channel will be sports-free. Some sports will air simultaneously on SD and HD. Others may even screen on SD first.

Press Release:

Network Ten today announced the first all-new commercial free-to-air television channel in almost 50
years, a dedicated sports channel to provide Australians 24-hour sports coverage from home and around the world.

As a free-to-air channel, it will be available to Australians who are widely acknowledged as the world’s
greatest sports enthusiasts. The new channel will allow Australians to share their unifying passion for
sport: and will be named ONE.

ONE will be broadcast from early in the second quarter of calendar 2009 in High Definition (HD) on
Channel 1 and it will also be available in Standard Definition (SD) on the network’s second SD channel
(Channel 12).

Network Ten CEO Grant Blackley said ONE’s all-sports programming format will appeal to Australians’
shared passion for sport and, also, ensure that Network Ten as a multi-channel broadcaster continues to build a new and more diverse audience.

“ONE’s appeal to Australia’s natural sports lovers will complement TEN’s seriously different programming
strategy – with each channel offering viewers and clients a unique and appealing programming format,”
Mr Blackley said.

“TEN continues to pursue its targeted strategy – that is, with a primary focus on building its competitive share in the strategically valuable 18-49s, and maintaining the leading position in 16-39s. TEN is also the number one network in day time in all key demos.

“In considering the opportunities for our new multi-channel, it became obvious very quickly that sport
would be a highly attractive genre for the Australian viewing public, of both genders and all ages. There is currently no dedicated free-to-air sports channel in this market, and Ten has existing relationships with key sports rights holders and a reputation for delivery of high quality sports broadcasts.

“Importantly, the network’s upgraded broadcast infrastructure means we are exceptionally well placed to provide these three digital channels, supporting our network’s – and the industry’s – move into a multichannel and multi-platform environment.

“We anticipate that ONE will add significant momentum to digital switchover by giving Australian viewers a compelling reason to purchase an HD or SD receiver,” Mr Blackley said The Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, said Network Ten’s initiative heralded a new era in Australian free-to-air broadcasting.

“Innovations such as Network Ten’s digital sport channel will play an important part in Australia’s
transition from analogue to digital television,” Senator Conroy said.

“The Rudd Government is committed to ensuring Australia completes a smooth transition to digital
television and the availability of more diverse and broadly appealing free-to-air multi-channel
programming will assist that process.”

Network Ten’s general manager – sport, David White, said sport plays a prominent role in Australian
culture and identity, and it is uniquely suited to digital TV – with its emphasis on the best broadcast clarity of picture and sound.

“The programming schedule for ONE will showcase the sports Australians love, in a way they will enjoy
viewing them,” Mr White said.

“Live and exclusive will be a hallmark of the channel.”

“Broadcasting in digital means we will be able to most vividly capture the greatest sporting events and
achievements, along with the intimate details of the intense human dramas that play out in sport.

“We believe ONE will appeal to a broad audience and very quickly become a regular and enjoyable part
of Australians’ sports viewing habit,” he said.

Some of the sports highlights that viewers can expect to enjoy on ONE include:
AFL – the 2009 NAB Cup, home and away season, and finals including the Grand Final returning to the
network in 2009
Netball – ANZ Championship Competition and all Test matches featuring the Australian Netball
Diamonds, exclusively for the next five years
Commonwealth Games – 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games
Cricket – Indian Premier League Cricket, the world’s premier annual Twenty20 cricket competition
Formula 1 – every round of the F1 World Championship
Moto GP – extensive coverage of every round of the World Championship
NASCAR – live coverage of the Daytona 500 and other major Sprint Cup races, live coverage of the
Nationwide Series, as well as Sprint Cup qualifying
Australian Rally Championship – exclusive coverage of every round
National Football League (NFL) – three games per week live, including the flagship Sunday and
Monday night games, as well as live coverage of play-offs and the Super Bowl
Major League Baseball (MLB) – five games per week live, including prime time coverage of play-offs
and World Series National Basketball Association (NBA) – three games per week live
Golf – US Masters, US Open, World Golf Championships including the Accenture MatchPlay
Championship, the CA Championship, the Bridgestone Invitational and the World Cup, Australian PGA,
Ladies Masters, 2010 Ryder Cup, and 15 additional international and domestic events including the
Johnnie Walker Classic, and the Asian tour’s flagship event the Singapore Open and the tour’s seasonending Volvo Masters of Asia.
U.S. College sports – American football and basketball
Tennis – ATP and WTA tennis, details to be confirmed, approximately 11 tournaments during 2009.
Swimming – Network Ten is delighted to announce that, from 2009, it is the exclusive broadcaster for
Swimming Australia. This includes coverage of the Australian Swimming Championships, Pan Pacific
Championships, Australian Short Course Championships, FINA World Short Course, Swimmer of the
Year – a minimum 109 hours per year for the next eight years.

According to rights agreements and current Federal Government anti-siphoning regulations, some of these sports and events will also be shown first or simultaneously on TEN.

To preview and review the week’s events and to continue the conversations about sport that Australians enjoy, there will also be a series of new programs dedicated to the sports Australians love. These will include a new live AFL show on Monday nights, weekly wrap shows for NFL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR Sprint Cup series and Nationwide series, Formula 1, Moto GP and US PGA Tour.

Every week night, ONE will also broadcast two expanded editions of Sports Tonight, bringing viewers
further in-depth news from both domestic and international sources.

From time to time, ONE will feature extreme sports, emerging sports and a range of sports-related
programming including documentaries.

The ONE SD channel will be separately badged and marketed, and used to promote the premium ONE
HD service to SD viewers.

ONE – Branding
The name ONE expresses the channel’s mission to share the greatness of sport with all Australians –
capturing the passion that unites us as one. It was inspired by the irrepressible response of the crowd toa classic goal and the sense of bonding we experience in that dramatic moment, an inspiring effect only great sport can deliver.

Breaking from sporting channel clichés, the logo communicates the fresher, more accessible approach
that is the essence of ONE. It shows that our goal is to capture the unique and much loved place that
sport has in everyday Australian life, beyond just the generic highlights and generic feeds of today’s

Digital TV – Australian market penetration
Digital take-up in Australia is accelerating, and is following global trends. Currently, 42 per cent of
Australian households have a digital receiver and, at the time of the launch of ONE in 2009, this is
expected to be around 50 per cent.

Digital TV – multi-channelling policy and digital rollout
Under government legislation (Broadcasting Services Act) free-to-air commercial broadcasters will be
permitted to provide an additional SD digital multichannel each from January 2009 in addition to the HD
digital multichannel currently provided.

The Australian Government has announced that all free-to-air television broadcasters in Australia will
complete the switch from analogue transmission to digital-only transmission by the end of 2013.

REGIONAL VIEWERS: Please see information in comments and other stories on this site that indicate “mid year” for SC 10 and TDT. Please do not ask for further detail on when this will arrive as there is currently no news. For more recent stories on ONE HD kindly click on the show tag at end of story. Kindly read comments before asking repeat question. Thankyou.

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  1. I appreciate we are getting a “free to air” sports channel, but can anything be done about getting some more Australian sports on it. For instance – maybe some “A league” games and Super 14s games involving the Australian teams.
    At present these are only available on Fox sports, not everyone can afford pay T.V.
    I would have thought it would be in the best interests of these organisations to show their products to a wider audience than just restricted to pay T.V. audiences.

  2. I can’t believe it, was watching the IPL this morning and was going to bed until the game got interesting…. Ganguly almost one the game for them until he got out on the second to last ball with two runs to win….! then you idiots put some uselss athletics hurdle race on from the USA and didn’t show the last ball to see who won!!!! Stuff you guys you are absolute useless idiots.

    Also, why are we watching the IPL when Australia has been playing in Sth Africa and now against Pakistan??? We are an Australian channel arent we…?


  3. Why oh why do we have so many stupid boring sports on One such as Netball, Formula One, Cricket on all the time. However, only manage to produce two games a week of NBA? C’mon Ten, we need more basketball!

  4. I f****** hate Ten now.

    I used to love Ten and the more alternative/contemporary programming they showed.

    I understand that they don’t get ratings and they think that showing more sport will get them their ratings because sport is “Australian”

    F*** off. Don’t assume all Australians are drones who watch football all day and night (24/7). I want some docos, I want some films/movies, Television – things that make you think a little bit and reflect on your life, and learn something, something actually entertaining.

    Yes, I understand Sport can be entertaining. But not f****** 24/7. And getting rid of Rove in HD and all those other great reasonably to very entertaining programs is such an incredible shame.

    Re-launch Ten HD on another Channel or something, what you have going on now is so ridiculous. We don’t all want Sport 24/7 in HD and nothing else in HD.

  5. Damn one HD. Bring back the HD documentaries and movies. I mistakenly thought that they were going to start a raft of new channels, but we still have the same old crap with a dedicated HD sport channel…. Yawn!

  6. Thanks CH10 for not showing the Aust GP on One SD. I had to work that day, set it to tape on SD. Went SD instead of HD in case STB did not have enough spare hard drive capacity. Got home, turned on to see “One” graphic for the entire time telling me to turn to One HD or Ten Analog. There was this huge hype around “One”, which I must admit is great for sport, but why only HD for F1? Wouldnt hurt to show on SD as well if there is nothing else scheduled for One SD.

  7. NBA Playoff’s are starting and it seems as ONE HD is only playing 2 games a week of the playoffs, yet 5 games of Baseball!!!

    Can we please cover the NBA playoff’s as much as possible…

  8. please o please less adds moresport, your coverage of the Masters was a complete and utter disgrace, in America they have laws governing adds, you guys show two shots then 3mins adds two shots then adds, what a farse.

  9. I am so disapointed with TEN, TEN HD and TEN SD

    I, like others were led to believe that the advent of TENHD was totally for sport and tha TENSD was also, what do we find. Obviously HD with sport thats cool as I dont watch sport on ten annolgue is also sport ????? but the most strangest is on SD there is a closed banner saying that sport is available for watching on HD & ten, I am so dissapointed that this has been not as expected, with all the hype I thought that TEN would show movies etc.

  10. i live in wollongong and want to see one hd as soon as possible….. once again us regional centres miss out..! we wont get it by the middle of the year, thats just what they say to shut us up till then… its happened before and it will happen again! Hmmm maybe its time to move…..

  11. Guys I know it is frustrating, which is why I have been following news stories on this subject.

    But you must read previous comments before asking repetitive questions that have been answered before! This is a blog an the information accrues, making it easy for you to read for yourselves. There are even tags to assist follow a subject.

    SC 10 says “mid year” for regional affiliates, this includes Tasmania. There is no clear date. Earlier stories on this subject includes downloadable maps of the areas that will be made available thru SC 10.

    Click on the tag ONE HD for all stories archiving this subject.

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