One HD set for April

One HD is the name of TEN’s new 24hr sports channel, set to air in April.

The channel promises a mix of local and international sports with two expanded editions of Sports Tonight each day, including one in prime time.

Programming is tipped to include NBA Basketball, US Open Golf, US Masters Golf, IPL Twenty20 Cricket, Trans-Tasman Netball League, Formula One Grand Prix, the Nascar series, World Golf Championship and tennis.

One HD will air on Ch 1 in high def and be rebroadcast in SD on Ch 12, currently the home of TEN HD.


  1. I live in campbelltown nsw, have a digital TV and cam’t get “one hd”… anyone know why and when it will be available? thanks, chris.

  2. Matt Brownbill

    Just wondering if ONE is going to televise any of the NHL playoffs or regular season games, i am a big fan of NHL and would really love to see it on tv as we dont get much of it over here…thanks for listening

  3. All regional areas serviced by Southern Cross advise ONE expects to be added by mid year. Please click on show tag for latest stories (NB: this story was posted in October 08).

    This site is in no way affiliated with TEN or ONE.

  4. When is all this hoo haa going to end Ten hd doesnt exist i havent seen one show on there in HD,only travel videos that are repeated all the time.When is 1 HD comming to North Qld. i doubt it , stop conning us Ten.

  5. Russell Langfield

    Why all the bulls##t hype about new free to air channels in march/april, especially One HD, when we’re obviously not going to get them? Ars#holes.

  6. We need one in regional queensland how long will it take to notice us people here like sport aswell I say the people at ten should pul there fingers out and give us ONE!!!!!

  7. can you please communicate who gets “ONE HD” i am confused as my understanding was that we NSW border could get it as it is advertised on channel Ten telling us to tune into it????? if we cannot get it! will we eventually & if so when

  8. Great News for the city sliockers but what about the sports lovers in counrty WA?
    THis is bulls**t!!!! get your backsides into gear and broadcast into the counrty. In this day & age with the technology we have, we can’t broadcast it 180kms out of the city. Very poor!!!!

  9. No wonder we are so slow off the mark to get true digital broadcasts, digital coverage and high speed internet in this country. If the comments above represent a cross section of the community then there is no hope. Anyone looking at these comments in a position to push go buttons would just laugh and say what a bunch of dimwits!. Heres a suggestion to you all…. stop googling so much and get back to what you do best, and thats’ watching mindless gronks runnin round a football field while swigging away on a VB with ya mates davo and wazza!

  10. I noticed last night we here in Mildura couldn’t access One HD and there’s a story in one of the local papers explaining why. Apparently Channel Ten have offered to WIN in Mildura, who haven’t dont anything about it.

    There’s also a poll mentioned in the story to vote on it

  11. just wondering when western vic will be getting this service we are just as important as the city people we like to watch our sport to!!!! Don’t want to be left behind!!!

  12. hey, just wondering if newcastle get it, i have a plasma and STB, but it says no channel found on 1 or 12, then i read somewhere its for sydney, so i was just curious if newcastle gets the coverage or we miss out coz we dont live in sydney.

  13. Fox Sports has been showing LIVE NFL, EPL, MOTOGP, WSBK and many other events for years. When will commercial tv stations take us Country viewers seriously like Pay? Will still be a dedicated Pay TV watcher.

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