Practice makes perfect…

America's ABC has picked up Private Practice for a full season.

America’s ABC has picked up Private Practice for a full season.

The network has ordered nine more episodes of the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off.

Despite the US positivity, the show has languished in Australia, unable to match the enthusiasm for its parent-drama.

Practice is the latest network series to get a full-season pickup, following NBC’s Knight Rider and Chuck, CBS’ The Mentalist, Fox’s Fringe and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Most of those shows have had an uneven reception in Australia too.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Private Practice did quite well on ABC in it’s first season, but much like the rest of it’s Wednesday line-up (Pushing Daises & Dirty Sexy Money), PP has dropped a fair few viewers in it’s 2nd season – almost 4 million in fact, from a season 1 avergae of around 11.5 Million to a far lower 7.7 million this season

    I gave the show a good go, but it, just like Grey’s 4th season, didnt give me a massive reason to stick around

  2. brisvegas it’s standard practice for most shows to have a 13 ep deal, then if it fails they have less to pay out for the eps that are not made or aired, but if the show rates then a full season pick up will happen, it does make it tough when the show runners need a full 22 eps to tell their story and are not sure if that will happen.

    This is why I like some of the cable shows better with just 13 eps or less to start with, they know where they are going and you don’t end up with a bunch of ‘filler’ eps. The quality is normally much better.

  3. how come the current talk is about “getting a full season” – whatever happened to “coming back for another season” ? Leaving a good season dead & with a cliff hanger after a season is criminal – leaving something after a few episodes – insane!

  4. @rachael season one only has 9 episodes and ch7 showed them all. they were actually quite patient with this show and gave it a good chance given the rating it was getting.

    season 2 started earlier this month in the US but doesn’t look like it will be fasttracked.

  5. I personally like Private Practice. The storylines that were happening before CH7 decided not to show the rest of the episodes were actually pretty good. It may not be as good as Grey’s but it is still a great show.

    I just wish that the stations here in Aus actually give the shows a chance to build a following. They just expect shows to be awesome and have excellent ratings right from the start and if it doesn’t happen as quickly as they would hope, then they get rid of it, there is something seriously wrong with the FTA channels. No wonder people download shows as the networks can’t be trusted to show a full season.

  6. I gave this show a chance, a GOOD chance. Trust me im not one for blowing of shows, But im sorry PP, you are so damb predictable and cliché.
    Its insanly Plain and is nothing orginal.

    Its only a platform to show attractive middle aged actors on a ‘show.’ Theres nothing here, nothing at all.

  7. i never understood why greys was sucessful in aus and this wasn’t.

    Greys is getting a bit dry and this one is full of stuff that people like. maybe a better lead in next time will do it?

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