Returning: The Office

Yes long-forgotten fans of The Office, you read correctly.

TEN is returning the Steve Carrell comedy later this month.

It’s back at 10:20pm Sunday October 26 following Californication.

The comedy returns with “Phyllis’ Wedding” episode 16 of the third season. It aired in the US in February last year. The fifth season has just begun on NBC.

Press Release:
It’s the wedding of Phyllis Lapin and Bob Vance’s (of Vance Refrigeration, as noted in the wedding vows). In order to get six weeks off for her honeymoon, Phyllis asks Michael to be part of the ceremony, by pushing her wheelchair-bound father down the aisle.

In one of his typical pranks on Dwight, Jim convinces him to stand guard at the door all night to prevent the entrance of wedding crashers.

As the day goes on, Michael’s behaviour becomes increasingly inappropriate, as he recalls horrible childhood memories and later feels upstaged when the bride’s father’s rises from his wheelchair at the last minute to walk his daughter to the aisle.

In making several attempts to recapture the limelight, including an embarrassing toast at the wedding banquet, Michael gets kicked out of the reception hall and told not to re-enter. He must sit outside
listening to Uncle Al’s ramblings (who Dwight has mistaken for a wedding crasher.

Against proper etiquette, Kelly shows up wearing a white gown and tiara because she says she “looks really good in white.” Phyllis then tosses the bouquet and as Kelly is about to catch it, her reluctant boyfriend Ryan appears from behind and knocks the bouquet away and into the hands of Toby’s date.

Pam is feeling a bit down at the wedding and it’s not hard to imagine why. She can’t help but notice that everything about Phyllis’ wedding is exactly like the one she had planned (that has now been called off) – the invitation, wedding dress, even Phyllis and her husband’s initials, P&R (Phyllis and Robert/Pam and Roy). Jim being there with Karen of course makes everything worse for Pam.

When Phyllis leaves the reception hall with Bob Vance, she thanks Michael for finding her Uncle Al (who had gone missing) and the newlyweds ride off in a Vance Refrigeration van.

It’s a given that Phyllis and Bob will live happily ever after, but how will the Jim, Karen, Pam, and Roy love quadrangle be resolved? Can the tortured Ryan ever get away from annoying girlfriend Kelly?

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  1. Glad to hear it’ll be back on normal Ten and not Ten HD. This is the timeslot it aired during Season 2, which actually had the best success aka not being yanked off after a couple of episodes.

  2. The Office is probably the best comedy series I’ve seen since Seinfeld but I’m not waiting for Channel 10 to decide when they’ll fit it into their schedule. At least the DVDs I have bought from overseas have bonus features such as “Deleted Scenes” and “Bloopers”, no commercials and I don’t have to stay up late to watch it.

  3. I love the Office and about time the returned it, but I’m already finishes with my Season 4 DVD I bought from amazon so there is no need to watch, I wasn’t waiting around for TEN to air this, its just crazy why they don’t try to relaunch it I don’t know.

  4. Why don’t they just bundle it with Worst Week next season on say a Tuesday or Wednesday night and try and set up a bit of a comedy block?
    Further more, if they wanted to be really daring, they could try n have a 2-hour comedy block NBC/FOX/CBS style with The Office, Worst Week, and then 2 of either Rules Of Engagement, The Simpsons, Futurama or The Cleveland Show

    Risky, but can TEN get any lower than this year anyway?

    You never know, it might just find a following

  5. I would prefer they air it before Californication. I read Cal had dropped significantly in the US ratings and judging by the rerturn ep, i think a lot of people won’t bother to keep watching. Which means it’s aREALLY bad time slot to put the Office. I’ll have to tape being that late on a Sunday night anyway.

  6. Craig, the final F1 race of 2008 will be held in Brazil on early morning (Australian time) of November 3. Which it means the telecast will not be affected by the scheduling of The Office.

  7. andy, do you really think they are going to go straight into season 4 after they finish off season 3? I doubt it very much, they will probably finish 3 off and then remove it again.

  8. Yes a perfect paring LOL

    Do they expect the same people that watch Californication with stay up to watch The Office? Plus these means the F1 and other Sunday shows get pushed back an extra 30 minutes?

    I like the show but because of ch10 I never got to see many eps, now I’m waiting on the S3 DVD before I can move on to S4 then catch up with the US and S5.

  9. It’s about time, Ten. The last time they showed an ep was around christmas, i think. hopefully they play out the whole third and fourth seasons… maybe give new viewers a chance to like it this time??

  10. Too Late 10, you have shafted viewers too many times with this show!! I for one won’t be tuning in to watch the office on sunday night(have already seen this episode, many moons ago).

    I wonder how long it will las before it is “shafted”again……

  11. Good lord, has Channel Ten finally made a good decision in 2008? It’s a brilliant show, which has been treated with contempt. In all honesty I’m happy with the timeslot, there should be less pressure on the show to pull massive numbers, even though I hope it still does. Let’s see if I have to eat my words in a months time…

  12. Mia, bear in mind they are for press, to assist with reviews and writing content etc. I republish them here as a matter of course so that readers can glean extra info. Generally speaking it’s info targeted at journos rather than public.

  13. That ‘Press Release’ is ridiculous. I mean, that’s the whole episode. Why not just release the transcript?

    I have been beyond unhappy with how Ten has treated this show, and I’m not optimistic that they’ll keep it around for long this time either. I’ve long since seen s3, s4, and now I’m into s5. But I’ll still watch every episode they air out of loyalty, and will get everyone I know to watch too.

    If they finish airing s3, at least we’ll eventually see the release of the second half on DVD. I hate it when they split up TV seasons. I have the region 1 ones anyway, but still.

  14. wow; i didn’t realize they were that far behind :S I’m already getting season 5 from the US. thank God its coming back tho; what a crappy time tho. Why not put it on before Californication since the Office is so much tamer? :S

  15. meh – it’s on 10:20pm Sunday October 26, then week after that – probably 11pm, then 11:30….and inside a month, it’ll be gone again. No dice!

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