Rocked to the Rafters

If you’ve heard that Craig MacLachlan is to make an appearance on Packed to the Rafters you’ll spy him next Tuesday if you’re quick. He appears in a clip being interviewed by James Tobin.

There’s even one or two Seven shows snuck into the story too -possibly as a way of getting around copyright issues.

But MacLachlan (who also appeared in City Homicide recently) returns a week later with a much bigger role to play in the story, alongside Dave Rafter (Erik Thomson).

He’s also having a great laugh at his own expense in those BluRay ads. You’ll have to watch to learn what he gets up to in Seven’s drama, though it does include music… but if you’ve never heard the song “Suburban Boy” you’ll probably know all the words by episode’s end.

Packed to the Rafters airs 8:30pm Tuesdays on Seven.


  1. Spunkymonkeycaesar

    John, I too grew up with Channel Nine’s ‘Still The One’ Campaign and I haven’t been psychologically scarred! – I do though take offence to the way in which Seven continually boast, as Nine actually had a reason to boast, having been #1 and leading for over 30 years, Seven’s only been #1 for a year, and as far as I’m concerned, even though they’ve got this year in the bag, that’s still nothing to boast! – Lead and be #1 for over 10 years, now that’s something to boast about!

    – Spunkymonkeycaesar

  2. Sorry, Richard, but as someone who grew up with the lame brainwashing of Channel Nine’s ‘Still the One’ self-congratulatory jingle, I’m glad they’ve fallen from grace so more generations aren’t psychologically scarred. Seven can gloat all they want.

  3. Seven is full of it they have massive agendas if they want to push something or someone they do it big time, if they want to destroy someone they do it big time. I’d love to see seven start falling off in the ratings they have gotten way to big for their boots.

    Packed started off good but now it’s starting to make the flesh crawl. After the olympic broadcast they showed what they are about. EGOS

  4. Dave Warner’s “Suburban Boy”? Awesome 🙂

    By the way, what is it with the hardcore pushing of Jason Mraz songs every sodding week on the show as well as in every single promo for it? HUGE BLOODY GREAT BIG TEXT in the end credits for the song and the singer that runs longer than any other credit as well, while everyone else has to make do with a 0.3 second 7-point blurry credit flash.

    So then, who is it at Seven that has a financial interest in Jason Mraz? Hmm?

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